1 Month / 31 Days 'Til Due Date! :) 35w4d

It's October 18th, so we're "OFFICIALLY" 1 month from our due date! Yippee!! I cannot wait for the next 2 weeks to fly by and be full term and into November! I am SOOO stinkin' excited to be getting so close to Miss S's arrival!!

I started a guessing game here for anyone who wants to play along: http://www.expectnet.com/games/Miss_S! I can't wait to be able to plug in the details when she finally gets here. :)

I am very much looking forward to my chiro appointment tomorrow, and then my first internal check on Wednesday for our 36 week appointment!! I can't wait to hear if I'm dilated at all and how things look! I know she's head down, and have felt a lot of tenderness/soreness and some pressure down low so I am sure there is probably at least some progress, but I'm not expecting more than a "loose 1" at this point. We'll see!

Kent, myself and our friend Sherry spent 8 hours at Six Flags yesterday, we walked something like 8 miles over the course of the day and had a blast! They rode the rides together and I just had fun watching them, enjoying conversation and taking lots of pictures! :) It is Fright Fest time, and Kent's FAVORITE part was definitely the Haunted House and then all the characters that came out in the evening. The make up on a lot of them was VERY impressive, and some of them were REALLY good in character. I think Kent was disappointed none of them tried to scare him, but they were going after people who either already looked freaked out or didn't see them coming, and he wasn't scared and was too observant for anyone to sneak up on him since he was constantly on the look out for them! :) They got to ride quite a few things, and especially by the evening the lines had really shortened so we probably got the most rides in those last couple hours. They did Goliath first, which was good because the lines for Goliath, Batman and Superman stayed REALLY long all day long - we didn't get to do Batman or Superman but they both agreed they'll have to try to do those first next time we come back. :) I'm really glad everyone had a good time, and it felt good to get out and be active and walk around so much. I had quite a few Braxton Hicks and mixed in were a couple real contractions which felt WAY different - so it was a good reminder of what I'm actually looking for. They were much lower, much more intense and painful and I was having a shooting pain down the back of my leg with those which was weird. I'll ask the chiro and the OB about that at my appointments this week and see if that's normal, and if not if there's anything I can or should do now to get it fixed; I'm assuming a nerve must have been getting compressed somehow during the contraction which is weird.

Miss S was pretty quiet most of the day yesterday, but she was super active once I got home and stopped moving around and she's been pretty wiggly this morning! :)

I'm having a bit of back pressure/pain and some cramps on the low left side of my stomach this morning. Not sure what it's from, but its a little annoying! I'm exhausted after our long day yesterday and am thinking about heading home after our admin lunch meeting today unless something comes up and they need me to stay. I could really, really use a good nap and definitely a good night of sleep!


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