36w4d - 24 days to go!

It was an interesting weekend... I am feeling very much like I'm entering the "pre-labor/warm-up" mode and am tired and feeling restless and a little moody. I've had several nights in a row of having a very hard time sleeping. I fall asleep with hubby in the living room and sleep about an hour and then wake up and can't get back to sleep for a couple hours. Then I'm exhausted... go figure! I tried to make up for it, apparently, by sleeping until 10:30 on Saturday morning!! I can't remember the last time I slept that late!

My temp has been fluctuating up and down from 98.2 to 99.4 over the past couple days - I am usually pretty stable around 98.4. I am nauseated; this started yesterday AM. It just hit me out of nowhere. I didn't actually throw up, haven't yet, but I feel like I need to a lot... I'm treating it like morning sickness again, trying to stay hydrated and eat small meals and not overfill my stomach - but everything I eat seems to upset my stomach and set it churning.

Kenneth was getting pretty worried about me by yesterday evening, and made me promise to call my OB today. I did and told them all the little things going on, but as I suspected they aren't concerned. Said its all pretty normal stuff at this point and just to pay attention to contractions/pain and get to the hospital when they're in a pattern 5-7 minutes apart. I am sitting on my balance ball at work again today and holy moly I'm feeling a LOT of pressure... have been most of the day, and had a few contractions so far. Mostly it happens when I stand up and move around a little, no real contractions while I'm sitting so I know its not anything "real" yet - but I am sure that there has been some cervical progress over the past couple days and am SO curious to hear what I'm at come our Thursday appointment!

My ears are feeling stuffy again today after not bothering me too much for a little while so I'm back to trying to push lots of fluids and I guess that's about all I can do at this point!

I've been having quite a bit of abdominal tightness and Baby S seems a little quieter today than normal - she's been active over the past hour or so, but smaller movements - more thumps and bumps then kicks and punches...

Today is passing quickly, though I think I might help it pass even a little quicker by going for a quick nap - I'm feeling pretty worn out this afternoon... sort of running on auto-pilot it feels!


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