34w3d - 39 days to go!!

We're now under 40 days 'til our due date!! I'm SO excited and can't wait to see Miss S with her family!! Knowing it will be here in about a month just continues to blow my mind!

I think I'm going to try to pack my hospital bag next weekend, though I remember after last time I won't need that much which will make it quick! Mainly just my bathroom supplies and a comfy pair of pajamas to wear while I'm there and a going home change of clothes. It was such a short stay last time I didn't really need much of anything else. I will definitely take a notebook just in case I get time to jot down some thoughts and make sure I remember details too. :)

Kenneth woke me up with breakfast in bed yesterday which was SUPER sweet! It was a wonderful way to wake up! Then I went with him to Atlanta for his chiro appointment, and we ran some errands on the way home. We stopped at La Z Boy and looked at recliners and couches. Our couch is 7 years old now, and has held up well, but we've really been wanting a recliner chair, so we're considering the idea of replacing the couch with one that has the recliner chairs in it. I really liked one particular model. However, we're also considering hard wood floors for the living room and hallway, and considering a shed for the backyard to get the lawn equipment out of the garage. So, we have to prioritize and go from there. Over the years we've continually put off investments in the house because we really don't know how much longer we'll be here. Esepcially with Kenneth's graduation date approaching (he got the word that his graduation petition was approved, so we can definitely plan on it - yay!!) in May of next year, we're pretty sure we'll be relocating for whatever job he takes shortly after that date. So, some decisions continue to sort of get pushed to the back because of that. I am also taking a big trip in late March/early April with my brother and sister to Ireland, so that has to be counted in there too! Lots of planning and decision making! I'm excited for the coming year though, it will definitely be full of changes for us all.

I baked up scones for breakfast this morning which were great! I've been craving them for awhile now, so it was nice to finally get to enjoy them. I am going to bake some cookies today too! I found a "Maple Brown Sugar Granola Cookie" recipe on the back of a box of Granola I'd bought awhile back, and think it sounds like a great way to use up the granola since no one has really been eating it as cereal, and get to do some baking and make some cookies which despite Kenneth's protests he seems to really want to have available! :)

So, I'm looking forward to a restful afternoon and hopefully a nap too. Between the weather and pregnancy, I've been having a lot of congestion in my head lately and it's leaving me feeling kinda icky today. My ears are congested a lot lately, but on top of that I'm having sinus pressure between my eyes this morning too and a nap just sounds really good!


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