36w5d - 23 days to go!

Tired... sooo tired this morning... I slept pretty good last night but feel wiped out... I had a lot of bad gas yesterday too for no apparent reason and started googling "early labor signs and symptoms"... I'm having a lot of them, but some are just normal late pregnancy type things too... Still a little nauseated this morning and my ears are stuffy again!
I have my chiro appointment in the early afternoon and am very much looking forward to that! I think I might need to grab a quick nap this morning though, not sure if I am going to make it a full day today... I'm just getting to that point where I need more rest I guess.

I had a few real contractions last night, about 3 in one hour and then just a few Braxton Hicks afterwards. No real contractions so far this AM, just a few Braxton Hicks again, that tightening sensation across my upper abdomen.

I am very much looking forward to Thursday's check in and hearing how much progress my cervix is making! I am feeling pretty confident about making it into next week before labor actually starts, but cannot wait to see what continues to happen day by day as my body continues getting itself ready for the big day!! :)


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and following your progress. Truly beautiful and amazing!! (hope you got that nap, too)


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