29 Days to Go! 35w6d

I've been feeling "off" ever since this past weekend. I think either its just a coincidence with timing, or I overdid it at Six Flags. In any event, I've felt icky since Monday; completely exhausted and have been running a low grade fever off and on since last night. TMI alert, but I have had a fair amount of mucous discharge throughout this pregnancy but had more than normal yesterday - not sure if (again) it was a coincidence or possibly part of my mucous plug! Last time I started loosing it about 2 weeks before I delivered if I remember right.

We have our OB check up this afternoon and I am looking forward to hearing how everything looks and if I'm dilated at all, and getting the cultures and labwork done to make sure all is well and lined up for baby day! I will ask whoever I see today about how I've been feeling and see if there's anything besides rest and fluids that are recommended. They'll probably just tell me things to look out for, but I don't think there's much more I can do/not do at this point to help with the feeling "off/tired" right now. I think its just about that time in the pregnancy!

I need to work on drinking more water today - I slept so much this morning I haven't really been awake much to drink anything and I know water is ALWAYS a good thing especially when I'm not feeling myself.

I took a day off from work today to rest, and slept for over 2 hours this morning after Kenneth went to his first class; he came home for lunch and I fixed sandwiches and we rested while he was home. I think I'm going to take another nap and then get ready for the appointment. Maybe after all this napping I will be somewhat closer to being "caught up" and not feeling quite so tired! Fingers crossed!!


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