36w6d - 22 days to go!

Yippee!! 37 weeks tomorrow!! Feels like I've been counting down to it forever, but at the same time I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that its really here!

I've been extra hungry the last couple days, I almost feel like a squirrel storing up for winter... I feel like I could just eat, eat, eat all day! I think part of it is that Miss S seems to have dropped down a little, giving me some extra space, and part of it is probably that "gearing up for labor" mode and getting in a little extra nutrients now. I've been doing some reading on eating during labor - I'd never really thought about it before! I took hard candies to suck on during labor last time, but didn't use them (I think I didn't move at ALL once I got into the L&D room!) and this time I've packed a couple Luna and granola bars and a package of PopTarts, but was thinking more for after delivery than during. I remember being STARVING right after I delivered and I had to wait a couple hours to get relocated to the post-partum room before they served breakfast, so I wanted to have something ready to go this time - plus wanted to have snacks for Kenneth if he wants something to eat but doesn't want to leave the hospital (ha - like he won't take any excuse he can get to pop out for a little while! :) ) At least the Hospital is on a road that we're very familiar with so he knows everything in the area if he needs to run out for any reason.

I am still having gas this morning and a few contractions, but the newest thing is a very odd metallic taste in my mouth. I thought it was from my travel mug when I was drinking my cup of hot cocoa on the way into work, but then noticed it again when I started drinking my water and can sort of taste it on the back of my tongue now after finishing my bowl of oatmeal! That's a new one...

I'm rocking on my balance ball and hoping very hard for good progress tomorrow... I know labor is probably a week or more away still, it just makes me feel better to hear things that say we're moving in the right direction!! :)


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