36w1d - 27 days to go!

Here's me at 36 weeks last night! Belly seems to be growing noticeably now!

I started my day with a little excitement, but am feeling much better now! I started feeling like my heart was racing when I was about 15-20 minutes from arriving at the office this morning. I tried to take lots of calming breaths and focus on staying calm, and my heart was still pounding when I got into the office and I wasn't feeling well at all, so I went and laid down in our lounge for about a half hour. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes, but mostly I just tried to lay still and be quiet and breath. My heart calmed down and I felt better after awhile and when I got up I started drinking LOTS of water in hopes of helping clear out my system - and I didn't know what else to do! I've felt a little light headed all day, but no more heart racing episodes thankfully! That is a scary feeling and I don't like it at all! I wish I knew why it happened so I could prevent it.

I stayed pretty busy this morning with work and right around noon Kenneth showed up (after his chiro appointment) and we went to lunch at The Derby. We sat outside - it was cool in the shade but nice and that restaurant is VERY smoky so there was no way I was sitting inside! I got a yummy Cuban sandwich and I love their french fries! We chatted some about the coming year and trying to figure out what all we're doing with Kenneth's school and the Marine Corps - he has some training coming up that he needs to go to that interferes with the graduation schedule we thought he'd be on, so he may be post-poning graduation a little as long as we can figure out his Marine Corps schedule to make it all work. I know there are a lot of variables for next year and I'm looking forward to when we have somewhat of a game plan to look forward to! This change in plans probably affects the trip I was planning to Ireland with my brother and sister too. It looks like Kenneth will be gone to training when I was going to go on the trip which means I need to be home to be with Kent unless it is possible someone here could stay with Kent for a week or so, but I don't want to count on that.

I am glad its Friday and very ready for a quiet weekend home, though I'm trying to convince Kenneth we need some sort of "date" this weekend since we haven't had much alone time together lately! Even if we just go for coffee or something together... :) Mostly I think we both want to take it easy and relax - he's still tired from drill last weekend and I'm still tired from Six Flags last weekend! :) We're going to be lazy bums, I think!


  1. Your photo is making me excited and nervous! (Just found out I'm pregnant.) You deserve to lounge around all weekend. Enjoy it!

  2. Awww!! HUGE congrats Holly!! How EXCITING!!


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