Yay for Birthday Shopping!

On our way home yesterday Kent and I stopped at Kohls and I got to spend my gift certificates!! I had $200 and I used all of it (and a little more, shhh..!!) I have been wanting a couple more sports bras, since I am wearing them 6 times a week now and don't always get laundry done that frequently (especially since Kenneth hasn't been around as much, Kent and I just don't generate enough to need to do it every 7 days). I got a cute pink one and a gray one just for "different", they are really comfortable and have a cool mesh back for extra air flow.

I also got a very cute blue summer dress, and a full length summer dress too! That's the first full length dress I've bought in a long time, but it was so pretty and fit really nicely, and I thought it would be great for dinner out when I go to Kansas City on the 26th! I also got 3 tops (1 I'm not 100% sold on, I will probably take it back and exchange it) and a pair of black capri pants. I hadn't intended on getting new capris (I have a few pairs already), but these are the slacks style (which I don't already have) and I remembered trying the same ones on last time I was at Kohls a couple months back and they did NOT look good on me, and I even remember trying the size above the ones I bought and they didn't look good either... this time they really looked GOOD on me! I was so excited!! It's still a size higher than I want to be, but I really am slimming down a little and things fit better and look better on. I was also able to get a new pair of Adidas running shoes. The Sketchers I've had for a couple years are D-U-N done, the inside heel on one of them was really torn up and they just aren't comfortable to wear anymore. I got to wear my new shoes last night doing Kenpo X and they felt SO much better on, and I felt a lot lighter on my feet, they're great!! I'll definitely get great use out of those. I don't think Kenneth was terribly impressed by my 8 articles of clothing and 1 pair of shoes for $200 but I was pretty happy with it all!

I modeled everything for Kenneth before working out last night and he is so funny, he tells me he's going to "lose his honey" because of all the change I've already undergone and all I have left to go (because I am a little smaller, not because I'm going anywhere!!)... I wonder if he's just worried he'll come back and he won't recognize me after all his time away. I don't think it'll ever be that drastic of a change though, but I know it's hard to have things change when you're away like he will be.

He gets tomorrow off and we have our one last weekend then we say goodbye for an unknown amount of time Monday; we're all crossing our fingers that they get their leave in the fall and I'll see him again for a couple weeks before he heads out. I'm trying not to think about it too much, because I am really going to miss him.

I had my first week tracking with Weight Watchers, this was not an ideal week for me! I ate out on 3 different days I think... that is really unusual for me lately, and made it hard to track... I doubt I've lost anything, I just hope the scale doesn't say I gained!

I picked up some nectarines at the store last weekend and ate the last one today with breakfast, I forgot how much I like those!! They are so much better when you leave them out of the refrigerator and let them get soft for a day or two on the counter. I have been trying to keep a fruit bowl on the counter to grab a few grapes from when I'm feeling "munchy".

Today they're having a Tenant Appreciation Lunch for the building, with a Mardi Gras theme! It looks like its another pretty day, hopefully it won't be too hot... though this afternoon if it is still really hot it might be a great day to take the top of the Vette! :)


  1. Good for you!!! I did weight watchers last year and it really worked for me!

  2. Sounds like a great deal for $200!


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