Getting Ready for Kenneth to Leave

Today I went into work late so I could get my notary (for work) re-certified when the county clerk's office opened and then I took Kent and met Kenneth at the base and we headed over to the I.D. card office. Kent is now old enough to get his very own and first Military Dependant I.D. card which he thought was pretty cool and I got an updated one showing the dates Kenneth is going to be active so we can have access to the additional benefits.

It was a little bittersweet, to say the least! I am excited about the benefits, and am able to take Kenneth off of my insurance at work which is a fairly significant cost difference each pay check. It made it more "real" though... It's hard to believe we have less than a week and we'll be saying goodbye with a lot of uncertainty about if and when we will see him again since plans are back up in the air for the moment.

On the G.S. front, things are moving along well. I e-mailed back and forth with the attorney's office and with L. She's asked the attorney to contact the psychologist to get the verbal ok to move forward with contracts, so we'll probably be starting on those in the next week I'd guess. She's also getting in touch with RBA about possibly inducing a period to try to synch up with my cycle so maybe, just maybe we can start with the cycle after testing! That would be awesome!

I think I ovulated yesterday, I'll know for sure tomorrow. I had 2 positive OPKs on Monday and Tuesday afternoons (though Tuesdays was a little lighter so I think I must have caught the tail end of it). My temp was nice and high this AM so as long as tomorrow's is high too then that should pretty much confirm it and I will have about 11 days from tomorrow to expect AF then we can get testing scheduled. I am THRILLED my body ovulated much quicker this cycle then it has the previous natural ones, on CD 25 instead of CD 33 like last month! I am hoping that means my hormones are leveling out and my cycle is trying to get back to normal again (though it doesn't really matter since I'm going to start meds in another month or so to shut everything down and let the RE control it).

I guess that's about it for today! :) Kenneth probably has a late night at work so Kent and I get to try to enjoy some quiet and I am excited about leftovers tonight! I made The Dinner A'Fare Chicken Gumbo last night (and doctored it a little with some carrots, diced tomatoes, corn and some more seasoning) and it came out REALLY yummy, I really like it. I think I might throw a can of beans in there too, for some extra protein. Soups are such good, versatile dishes that are generally really healthy for you too (and FAST)!


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