Happy last day of school!

Today is Kent's LAST DAY OF 4th GRADE!! WOW!! And boo...!! My little boy is not so little anymore!! Wahh!! :( I wish I could have spent today with him, though their party was yesterday... I think I am ignoring the fact that the school year is now over! :D I just can't believe it!

Last night Kent and I got home and I fixed a quick dinner (that child gets on meal "fixes" and wanted the same thing from 2 nights ago - bologna sandwich, a dill pickle and watermelon!) and I made a grilled tortilla with turkey, a little mozzarella, tomato and some honey mustard and ate about 1/4 of the whole watermelon!! :D It's fun to take a whole half, stick a spoon in it and have at it - made me feel a little bit like a kid! :)

I had planned to nap from about 7:10 (when dinner was done and wrapped up) until just before 8:00 then get up, dressed and work out; I set a timer on the microwave. Apparently I totally slept through it - next thing I knew Kent was waking me up at 9:00pm and I was totally out of it and not at all in the mood to workout... I reluctantly did it anyway, but did skip a portion of the 90 minute video, and did about 60 minutes of it. I know I shouldn't have, but it was nearly 11:00 by the time I actually went to bed and I really needed to sleep! Tonight is legs and I'm looking forward to it!

I've e-mailed back and forth a little with "L" today and she's having some issues getting the psych appt. scheduled. We thought we had it all nailed down for the 12th, only to find the RE didn't really approve of the psychologist she'd made the appointment with (who came highly recommended by the attorney!) So, back to square one. I feel bad, I know how frustrating the coordination can be when you're going back and forth between so many people (me, the attorney, the RE, and all the psychologists she's contacted)! Hopefully the person the RE recommended will have availability on the same day (happens to be a day Kenneth is supposed to have completely off which would make it so much easier to fit into his schedule)!

I am tired, looking forward to going home and relaxing a little, doing my workout and getting to bed and sleeping in at least a little tomorrow. I need to leave my house around 8:00-8:30 to get to Lake Lanier by 9:30am and get set up for the picnic! Yay!! It's going to be fun - too bad I didn't start this work out a couple months ago so I could actually wear my bathing suit around everyone!! I think we'll skip the waterpark today, and go back another day this summer where we can spend ALL day at the waterpark (the waterpark opens at 10:00am but we'll be doing picnic events until about 2:00pm, and yes it's open til I later in the day, but I need to head home probably no later than 4:00 to get to the dogs, and that really isn't much time to play in the park).

Oh! And I got an egg poacher for work and have had eggs for breakfast 2 days in a row now, and was so excited that it worked MUCH better today then it did yesterday - I used more water and cooked it less time and the eggs actually came out looking poached and not like white rubbery things! :D I'm glad to have that as an option for breakfast at work!


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