RE Consult Next Week!

L sent me an e-mail that had details for our first RE consult later next week, which is terrific! They (the clinic) are going to work with us and Kenneth's schedule to get testing done as quickly as possible to make sure everything is good to go, before he heads out. She said for psych evals they like everyone to go together, which makes sense to me and I'm actually looking forward to it - it it's a group discussion type of setting. Of course I'll do whatever they ask me to, but I am not looking forward to taking the MMPI if that's part of the testing. :) I remember doing that one before my gastric bypass surgery, and if I wasn't crazy going into the test, I felt crazy afterwards!! Hee hee! :D

I had an e-mail from Kenneth this morning, with their no phone restriction all day and the time difference it's the only way we're going to talk right now and I was really happy to hear from him. I miss him lots... Our 11th anniversary is in 6 more days... ELEVEN years... blows my mind when I think about it! In just 5 more years, we'll have been married for half of our lives!! That's crazy!

Kent is so excited that they're down to the last 2 days of school! They're having a pizza party today for bringing in the most Box Tops for Education, and tomorrow is the class party and they're grilling. I need to pick something up to send with him!

And tomorrow I start the weekly Weight Watchers meetings here at work for about 2 months! I'm looking forward to having that in person meeting and support, and really hoping it will help me achieve my goals. Today is Week 2, Day 3 of P90X and I'm sticking with it. I really didn't want to last night, I'm so tired, but I got up and did it, did my best and enjoyed a very good night of sleep (and the workout was really good)! I'm wondering if its just my body trying to catch up with the reduced calories I'm taking in and the increased activity. I'm hoping it catches up by the weekend and that this feeling doesn't last too long. I hate dragging like this... I really just want to sleep in! I think I probably will take Sunday off, even though its just X Stretch, I feel like I need an actual day off.

This weekend is going to zip by with the picnic Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday, and then Kenneth will be home later next week! Yay!!


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