What a great weekend!

Wow!! What an amazing and busy, busy weekend we had! Where to start! :) Saturday the alarm went off at 7:00 and I got up and ready and let Kent sleep in (he NEVER sleeps past 7:00 so I was very surprised when I peeked out before hopping in the shower and his door was still shut)! At about 7:30 I got him up and fed and we got the dogs all settled and headed out around 8:00am. It's an hour and a half drive to Lake Lanier but traffic was quiet and the ride was nice. Though there was a bike race when we got to Lanier that we were stuck behind for about 15 minutes or so. Eventually we got to the Pavilion and found a good spot to park. We unloaded all of the things we needed for the picnic (which really wasn't that much this time, thankfully). We had water balloon issues - the ones I bought were very poor quality and broke left and right. We worked for about 45 minutes on those and only had about 15 to show for our effort!! After giving up on the water balloons the couple people that were there hit a volleyball around for a little while and as more folks showed up we actually started a game of volleyball which went on until lunch was ready at 11:30. By about 12:30 everyone seemed to be there and the sun had finally come out to play. It ended up being a beautiful afternoon!

The food was really good, and I was very pleased with everything. They didn't have our veggie burgers ready, but that was the only real hiccup. Overall things went smoothly and I really liked the location. We did a couple quick games, and then raffled off about 20 prizes and let folks go on their way! Many hung out for another hour or so and played more volleyball (including me, which is why I now have a fantastic sunburn mainly on my backside)! Kent and I are saving our WaterPark tickets for a day that we can enjoy it for more than a couple hours. We left there I think around 3:00pm and enjoyed a couple hours at home together - we watched Bedtime Stories which had arrived in the mail that day thanks to Netflix! It was a nice afternoon. I did my work out and slept great that night!

Sunday was the baby shower day! It didn't start until the afternoon so we had the whole morning to sleep in and hang out. Kent watched cartoons and I SLEPT until about 10:00. I was beat! Between all the work outs and all the sun and sand the day before, I was pretty drained. We had a late breakfast once I was up and then a light lunch before we headed out at 2:30 to drive to Atlanta. The shower was at a beautiful home, and it was fabulous to finally meet Sherry in person and her GS "M", and just get to be there for such a beautiful occassion. I felt very lucky and blessed to be included. I got to take a bunch of pictures (on "M"s camera) of the presents being opened which was fun! Sherry is expecting twins and got lots of little goodies that they will need when the babies arrive - I was imagining how much fun they must have had that evening going home and finding places for all the new things! "M" looked amazing, and said overall the pregnancy has been great for her - so that was exciting and encouraging for me to hear. L&N would like to transfer two, and I know L has said a couple times twins would be fantastic! You never know what you're going to get pregnant with as a surro, who will stick around and who won't, or who might choose to split!! You just hope for one healthy bean and then pray to do your very best if there are multiples I think. :)

It sounds like we finally have the psych eval appointment scheduled for this coming Sunday in the afternoon, and my birthday get together was moved to that day as well. So Kenneth and I will hopefully have Fri & Sat together and then a busy Sunday afternoon. We have the RE consult coming up this Thursday and I'm excited to meet Dr. Kort and his staff and have the chance to speak and see what he thinks about working with me. I hope it goes great and that after this week we'll just have bloodwork and probably a uterine evaluation left for testing! :) I think we'll all be relieved when the psych evals are done since that one requires all of us to be at one place at one time and we had a limited amount of days to pick from with Kenneth's schedule. The labs he can do one morning or evening, or that weekend before he heads out. Then on to the really fun stuff... contracts... everyones favorite! Ack! :) Hopefully by July we'll have all of that under our belt and can figure out what our timeline is for transfer after that. I am focusing lots of positive energy on that goal! :)

Looks like today is going to be another pretty one! I love this sunshine!


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