Psych Consults Done Too!

On Friday I went with Kenneth to work and took the Focus for an oil change, then bought a book at Target and came back and waited in the parking lot until it was time to leave around 10:00am for his lab appointment at RBA. We got over there and back within 1 hour which was great - nice and quick! Then he had to stay at work until about 1:00 so I ran to Subway for lunch and waited in the parking lot some more. Thankfully I liked the book I picked up (and still have a few chapters to go to finish it) so I kept myself preoccupied!

Saturday was mostly a take it easy day, since Kenneth hadn't had one for awhile! We ran some errands he wanted to do, went to Brigade Quartermaster and he picked out a very nice (and expensive!!) travel bag that he's been wanting. That was pretty much his Father's Day present, though I'll still get him something for Father's Day too. We'll be having dinner and dessert with his family that day.

Kenneth mowed the yard Saturday afternoon and I napped. I didn't sleep well Thursday night and was still feeling pretty tired by Saturday so it was nice to just sleep a little and have a lazy afternoon! I got some cleaning up done around the house as well.

Sunday was my birthday lunch with Kenneth's family. It was really nice, and yummy! We had grilled chicken with barbecue, a mixed green salad with feta, cucumbers, carrots and pecans, a nice fresh fruit salad, watermelon slices and homemade mac n cheese! For dessert there was a very, very yummy chocolate dream pie. I love that thing. I haven't had much sweets in the past 3 weeks since starting the P90X program, so that was a huge treat!

After I opened my presents (I got a mini fridge for work which I've been wanting for ages and the first 3 books of the Twilight series which I can't wait to read along with some more Kohls shopping money - yay!) Kenneth and I had to get going for our psych eval appointment in Snellville. We drove there in about an hour, and the psychologist got there shortly after we did (she was coming in on a day no one usually works just for us, so we really appreciated it)!

Kenneth and I spoke to her in depth for a little over an hour and a half, and then L&N spoke to her for about the same amount of time while I took the MMPI-2 test and Kenneth tried not to be too bored while he watched a movie on his Palm. We all regrouped after the individual consults and chatted a little while together just touching on some of the major issues that need to be addressed before moving forward. We have already talked about pretty much all of those topics and are in agreement on them. We are also all pretty easy going people and I don't see anyone having much problem working through issues if they came up, I think we will be able to communicate and talk through pretty much anything. The psychologist had positive things to say and said she'd give her preliminary feedback to the attorney and RE soon and would follow up with me when my MMPI results came in and get that forwarded as well, probably in about a week or so. After that we'll move forward with contracts and testing should be not too long after. I'm hoping ovulation is soon, based on my cycle day it should be within the next week at the most - then we'll have a better timeline for the biopsy and uterine evaluation (and most likely my labs will be done at the same time).

I told Sandra (the psychologist) yesterday when we were sitting as a group talking, and she asked how each of us was feeling with how things were going that I strongly feel when things are meant to work out, they come together easily and that's my summary version of how I feel about this match and how things are coming together. Nothing has felt forced to me, its all coming together easily and I really appreciate L&N and how easy they have been to communicate with and work with. I really see us making a strong team! :)


  1. Yay for moving forward! I have emailed you twice lol, you never responded :( Have a good week!

  2. Sounds fabulous!! Hurray for easy!

  3. I e-mailed you back!! :)

    Thanks Cyn!! :D


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