Kitchen Gadgets April 2015 #Review

I have been sent several products via Tomoson this month and wanted to do a few of the reviews here all in one place!

Orblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel - Professional Baking Dough Blender with Blades 
  • Superior Quality - The Professional Dough Blender is engineered from stainless steel construction so it will NOT break, bend or rust. This pastry cutter was meticulously designed to serve you for years and decades to come.
  • Effortless Mixing - This pastry blender with blades quickly cut butter or margarine into dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or baking powder, combining a set of wet and dry ingredients seamlessly so you can bake your pie crust or cookie like a boss.
  • Good Grip - The black soft-grip handle of the dough cutter absorbs pressure and won't spin or come loose in your hand. Hold it and note how comfortably your fingers wrap around it.
  • Save Time - If you've ever had dough mixers before, you probably owned one with flexible wires like on a dough whisk that can take up to twice the time to do the same thing with the Professional Dough Blender. Haven't you put up with enough inconvenience?
  • 100% Guarantee - If you have any problems FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, we will refund your order in full PLUS supply a new item. Add to cart now because you literally risk nothing. 

My review: This worked pretty well - I liked the construction and sturdiness, and the grip was comfortable. The only slight negative I noted is that the blades are a little further apart then I would like to see them, which just meant I had to work the butter into the flour a little longer for the biscuits I made because each pass didn't cut the butter very finely. Otherwise, I really liked everything else about this dough blender; the blades are very sturdy and effective. Find Orblue at their website:

Brieftons Manual Food Chopper
  • ✓ DESIGNED FOR A PERFECT CHOPPING JOB: The Brieftons Food Chopper features sharp stainless steel blades for fast and even chopping/mincing, comfort soft grip lid, anti-skid base, easy pull cord, and a large handle ideal for easy leverage.
  • ✓ POWERFUL & VERSATILE: Powerful handheld herb / vegetable / food chopper. Perfect for slicing vegetable/fruit salads, cutting various foods for baby, chopping nuts, herbs, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, meat for meatloaf, ice, and more. It can be used equally well as a vegetable chopper, salad chopper, onion chopper, garlic chopper, herb chopper or as a general-purpose manual food chopper.
  • ✓ COMPACT & SAFE TO USE: 3 cup capacity. Great for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping. Made from BPA free, food safe plastic. Blades are all concealed during use for the utmost safety | EASY CLEANING: Blades, bowl and storage lid are top-rack dishwasher safe. Components come apart for easy cleaning.
  • ✓ HOW DOES IT HELP YOU? It's convenient to use, and makes vegetable preperation fun and easy. This hand food chopper takes the hard work out of chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. It is the perfect onion chopper that doesn't make your eyes water. In just a few pulls, the patented blade mechanism begins to chop and blend your ingredients, with no electricity required ✓ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are the trusted kitchen brand with thousands of happy customers. You get a full unconditional money back guarantee if you are not happy with your Brieftons food chopper.
  • ✓ SUPERIOR VALUE: Bundle includes the Brieftons Food Chopper, a printed manual, the exclusive Brieftons Spiral Slicer Recipe ebook, Brieftons Guide to Summer Salad Recipes ebook, and Brieftons Salsa Recipes ebook with great recipes you can make using your food chopper right away, plus outstanding Brieftons customer support, and more Brieftons ebooks on the way.

My Review: This is easy to use and easy to clean. You can get very finely chopped vegetables / fruits if you'd like, or only pull a couple times for rough chopped vegetables. The blades are enclosed for safety - and it's dishwasher safe for convenience. Make a quick fruit or vegetable salsa, chop tomatoes, carrots, celery, and cucumber for a salad, etc. LOTS of uses and compact too!

Bellemain 6 Piece Canning Tool Set
  • Handy helpers for every step, from sterilizing to filling to sealing
  • Set includes: Funnel, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, tongs, bubble popper/measuring stick and lid remover wrench
  • Vinyl coatings for better grip
  • Metal elements are stainless steel for long wear and easy care
  • Dishwasher safe
My Review: I'm really excited about this set - we made the decision a few months ago to try to do some home gardening this year and bought ball jars with the intent of doing some canning as well. This is not something I grew up with, but I really want to take the time to learn more about canning fruits / vegetables and growing our own food when possible - or just being able to take advantage of good deals on surplus produce that we can buy in bulk and preserve via canning. This is a fantastic tool set with everything you need to make canning quick and easy! 

Tubbki Reusable Baby Food Pouch:
  • EASY Tubbki is a squeezable pouch that requires no spoons or dishes. The pouches are squeezable and allow you or your child to squeeze pouch contents right into the mouth.
  • HEALTHY Our pouches allow you to have a healthy-eating solution on the go instead of relying on store-bought foods.
  • SAVE Tubbki not only lets you to do your part to save the planet by reducing waste, but also allows you to save money by relying on homemade foods on the go.
  • BPA-FREE Tubbki is BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free, making it a safe choice for food storage for your child.
  • SAFE Tubbki is unbreakable and uses an anti-choking cap. This means that our cap is designed according to anti-choking regulation, making it too large to be swallowed.

My Review: I like these pouches - they are clean looking, easy bottom load, seal well, and allow you to take healthy homemade snacks any and everywhere for baby (and for you too!) We use these pouches a lot for applesauce, fruit purees, thicker smoothie blends, yogurt, and oatmeal blends for Lindsey and she loves the convenience of being able to self feed with a pouch (and I love that it's much less messy then putting those items in a bowl and giving her a spoon)! :)

Baby Bottle Drying Rack:
  • GREAT LOOKING solution to the tedious problem of washing and drying bottles
  • VERSATILE design holds all makes of bottle and pump accessories
  • COMPACT and practical - great for those family trips away
  • SIMPLE two step operation. No assembly required
  • STYLISH, eye catching and attractive - like a flower in bloom

My Review: This is a very nice drying rack, I love that it collapses and takes up very little space when not in use (this makes it very convenient to take if you're traveling as well). It is a very nice looking drying rack and can easily accommodate small and large sized bottles / sippy cups, etc. There are slots for our Doc Brown bottle inserts, as well as baby spoons / forks, etc. I like that it is one solid piece so nothing is going to fall off of it or come apart when you move it or are putting your bottles and cups on it.

*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.


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