Ice, Ice Baby

If you are in the market for some new ice cube trays, then I would love to recommend any (or all) of these three ice cube molds to you! I received these for review from Kuuk and am SO happy with them!

We are big ice consumers in my house - my son and I make a lot of smoothies which usually have at least a few ice cubes in them, and we go through handfuls of ice cubes each day in our drinks. I have to have ice, and a lot of it, in my drinks.

The standard sized ice cube trays are PERFECT for shakes, and water bottles with smaller openings, and the Large Ice Cube and Ice Ball Maker molds are awesome for your drink cups, or pitchers of beverages! They melt much slower then a traditional ice cube, so not only do they keep your drink colder longer, they don't dilute your beverage nearly as quickly.

These molds are all very easy to use and easy to remove the ice from their mold with a little push from the bottom. I have used all of these multiple times already and am very happy with them!


*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product from iHeadphones for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.


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