#FoodieExtravaganza ~ Caramelized Onion BBQ Bacon Grilled Cheese

Today's Foodie Extravaganza post is all about the Grilled Cheese! This is a fantastic category to work with and I was super excited to get started. I had an idea before I started searching recipes that I wanted caramelized onions and bacon and I went from there. My first pinterest search took me to the recipe linked below and it was a perfect starting place. The addition of the BBQ sauce with the creamy, tender, sweet caramelized onions is perfection.

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I bought about 6 different types of cheese and two loaves of bread (Sourdough, and Italian) to do recipe testing and see what we decided we liked best. I used Sourdough with Sharp Cheddar and Smoked Provolone in one, and Italian with Aged Sharp White Cheddar and Colby Jack cheeses. Both sandwiches were absolutely delicious! I think I liked the Italian bread just a little bit more (it was a little firmer in texture then the sourdough), and the flavor of the provolone and sharp cheddar best of the cheese choices; however - feel free to mix and match cheeses and breads to your hearts content; if you have the BBQ onions and crisped thick cut bacon sandwiched in the middle you are probably going to be pretty happy with the results!

I knew when I took on this month's assignment this grilled cheese would have to be very hearty, tasty, and filling and they were! They were toasty, melty, creamy, saucy, tangy, and delicious.

Check out all the AMAZING Grilled Cheese recipes from the #FoodieExtravaganza bloggers today:

Caramelized Onion Bacon Grilled Cheese adapted from Ring Finger Tan Line

8 slices sourdough or Italian bread
4 slices sharp cheddar
4 slices smoked provolone cheese
1 large red onion, thinly sliced
1/2 TBS butter
1/2 TBS bacon grease
2-3 TBS BBQ sauce (we like Sweet Baby Ray's)
8 thick cut slices of bacon, cooked to desired crispiness and drained (save and use grease for cooking the onions if you don't already have bacon grease stored)
Olive oil, as needed

  1. Melt butter and bacon grease in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the sliced red onion and stir occasionally until color changes to lightly brown, they are very soft and tender, and the taste is sweet, about 10-15 minutes. Add BBQ sauce to the onions and set aside.
  2. Lay your bread slices out and place a slice of cheddar on the top half, and a slice of provolone on the bottom half. Lay 2 slices (cut in half if needed to fit sandwich bread) of cooked and drained bacon onto the bottom half, and top with about 3 - 4 TBS of the BBQ / onion mixture. Top the sandwich filling with the top half of bread and cheddar cheese. Lightly brush the outside (top and bottom) of the sandwich with olive oil and cook in a sandwich press (or use a cast iron skillet, or griddle if preferred). Repeat with remaining ingredients for a total of 4 sandwiches.
  3. Enjoy immediately.


  1. Any recipe that starts with bacon and caramelized onions is a winner in my book, Rebekah!

  2. I could see how a cheese slice and bread over and over could ruin you on cheese sandwiches (yuck!) but grilled cheese is so yummy! I am glad you converted him. These look wonderful!

    1. Right?! Good grilled cheese is perfection - and then you mix and match your favorite add-ins? Deliciousness ensues! :)

  3. I love caramelized onions on anything, and I'm totally salivating over the thought of this sandwich. I wonder why your hub's dorm would call that sandwich a grilled cheese if they're not heating it in any way. Wouldn't it just be a cheese sandwich? I could understand why that would ruin his view of grilled cheese, though.

  4. Yum, this sounds delicious! Your poor husband- just bread and cheese. Though my son seems to prefer it that way.

    1. It was so good!! I'm not sure why he connects bread and cheese with bad grilled cheese, but I'm working to "fix" that slowly, but surely. :D Maybe I'll just call them all paninis since he seems just fine with a "Panini"! :)

  5. Caramelized onions?! Bacon?! Yes please. Just love them both. This sounds so fantastic! I think I will have to try it out and very soon. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

    1. Thank you Kathleen - they were so good! We will definitely be making these again. I'm going to try with our "normal" yellow onions and see if I can get anywhere near the same flavor as I did with the red which were amazing.

  6. You had me at the carmelized onion and not one, but two cheeses! Great recipe!

  7. Glad you converted your husband! This looks like a sandwich that would convert anyone.

  8. YUM. Caramelized onions make everything better. Your sandwich sounds amazing.

  9. This sounds amazing! I'm not a huge onion fan, but caramelized and with the tangy barbeque sauce? I'm converted.


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