#Review ~ Clear Globe String Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Use!

I love these lights!! I received a box of the BrillanteTM Clear G40 Globe Indoor / Outdoor String Lights for the purpose of review and am sitting here in my kitchen loving the soft glow they lend to the room. These are perfect for any space you want to add a touch of soft light too - I almost put them up in Lindsey's play room along the top of the curtains, but we didn't want to risk her being able to get ahold of one of the glass bulbs so decided they would go up in the kitchen instead. I don't have any curtains yet in this room, and these are the perfect "replacement" at least for now. 

They come packaged very nicely in cardboard that is perforated and easy to tear apart, carefully, so they don't break or get tangled.

They are such a nice, soft light and the large globes would be really perfect for party decor, inside or out!

I think this is my new favorite room in the house...


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