A Month of Dinners for a 15 Month Old

I decided to try to keep track of what we've fed Lindsey for dinner over the course of a month, hopefully to give others ideas and inspiration if they're searching and trying to figure out what to feed their toddler too. Lindsey eats primarily whatever we eat for dinner - but most of the time she eats before we do (she goes to bed by 6:30pm most nights, and our dinner is usually still cooking at that time). So she typically eats leftovers from dinner the night before, or sometimes has something quick and thrown together based on her mood and what she's interested in that day. She's been teething much of this past month with her first 4 BIG teeth coming through top and bottom, and that often impacts her mood and how hungry she is, and what she'll eat so there is a variety of home cooked and convenience.

I try to make sure a veggie option is at least offered at dinner, but there are some days I don't bother when I know what I have available is just going to end up on the floor. I know with Lindsey it typically needs to be cooked into the dish for her to eat it. She won't just eat steamed or even canned vegetables (except for corn - which I suppose doesn't really count)! She will typically eat vegetables best when they are in a soup / stew and are very tender and taste very much like whatever they were cooked in. Lindsey also gets these smoothies on a weekly basis for an extra fruit / veggie "kick".

So here are some ideas based on what Lindsey has eaten the past month:
  1. Tuna and Noodles, diced avocado, canned corn, mozzarella cheese stick
  2. Diced cooked chicken mixed with salsa, diced avocado, canned corn, shredded cheddar cheese, pieces of homemade roll
  3. Quesadilla with chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, and salsa, canned corn
  4. Macaroni, Cheese, and Meat, canned corn, diced pear
  5. Macaroni, Cheese, and Meat, canned corn, grapes, peach yogurt
  6. Parmesan Pumpkin Pasta (mixed some canned pumpkin puree with a little milk and grated parm and tossed with cooked pasta) and diced chicken, canned corn, banana, clementine, rice pudding (which she didn't really like)
  7. Tortellini soup, roll, pear slices, cheese puffs
  8. Tortellini soup with diced steamed broccoli, roll, pear, cheese puffs, grapes
  9. Peanut butter crackers, mozzarella cheese sticks, grapes, clementines
  10. Lasagna, cheese puffs, pear, oatmeal banana cookie
  11. Peanut butter sandwich, apple and pear compote, mozzarella cheese stick, pear pieces, macaroni and cheese
  12. Chicken casserole
  13. Stuffed pasta shells
  14. Turkey lunch meat, crackers, mozzarella cheese stick, banana, grapes
  15. Avocado, grilled cheese sandwich, mozzarella cheese stick, clementine
  16. Ham, peanut butter (about 2-3 teaspoons on a spoon so she'd get some protein to fill her up since she didn't really want the ham), steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce, apple and pear compote, mozzarella cheese stick
  17. Macaroni and cheese, hot dog pieces and diced steamed broccoli
  18. Turkey lunch meat, mozzarella cheese stick, ritz crackers, 3/4 of an avocado
  19. Stuffed Shells, garlic bread
  20. Grilled cheese sandwich with turkey, tomato slices, apple and pear compote
  21. Ham and bean soup, homemade bread with pumpkin butter, corn casserole
  22. Ham and bean soup, homemade roll, animal crackers
  23. Pieces of hamburger, french fries, pickles, and sliced tomato
  24. Turkey sloppy joes with macaroni and cheese
  25. Pasta with a pureed vegetable and shredded cheddar cheese sauce (she didn't like that one), hot dog pieces, 
  26. Turkey sandwich (tomato, cheese, and pickles with mayo on homemade bread)
  27. Tortilla chips with salsa and chicken flautas
  28. Asian chicken and vegetables (stir fried a mixture of carrots, broccoli, green bell pepper and celery and chopped up some of that to mix with her chicken) with rice
  29. Sweet and sour meatballs over rice with green beans
  30. Egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on homemade bread, clementines, banana slices


  1. *SIGH****** Bless You! I ran out of ideas and was getting desperate before I found this!


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