January - A Stocked Kitchen, Shopping Done for OAMGS

Once-A-Month-Grocery Shopping (OAMGS) has commenced. We bought a few items over the weekend and Kenneth went out again to get everything else we needed and hit Sam's and Kroger. So we're calling it done. We will use what we have and will go out probably one more time for milk and another bunch of bananas and grapes, but that should be it.

This is what we've spent this month (plus another $10 to restock the "convenience" food items for Lindsey's occasional snacks or emergency quick pureed fruits / veggies). We're at $193 so far and I do not want to spend more than $300. Really I don't want to spend more than $200 this month since we spent so much last month and I think that should be doable if all we'll need is milk and a few fruits in another week or so.

We have food organized in several locations in our house.

This is the spice cabinet and currently in front of that is a bulk food container of rice (we have to find a better place for the rice but it also serves as a block for both baby and dogs to go in and out of the bars at the stair junction when we don't want them to:

This is the pantry in the kitchen area - it currently stores everything but canned goods, including bulk sugars, flours, etc.

In the kitchen is also, of course, our refrigerator / freezer. We love this style with the freezer drawer underneath! My husband has done a really good job of grouping condiments by how they're used on the doors. We generally keep frozen fruit, homemade breads / muffins, and vegetables in the freezer since that's what we use the most (often a bag of french fries and some ice cream can be found in there too...)

The next space is the canned goods pantry out in the garage:

Almost done! We also have a chest freezer where we keep all of our meats and more fruits, vegetables, and any other frozen goodies (like a couple pizza, and a few remaining Dinner A'Fare meals, etc.) When I did a quick inventory the other night I discovered at least 8 chicken breasts, bacon, sausage, salmon, beef short ribs, turkey burgers, 5 lbs of ground beef, pork chops, beef roasts and more. We definitely do NOT need any more meat this month, and possibly next...

The last food related storage area is dedicated to beverages. This is also in the garage, near the door and the mini fridge on top keeps our sodas cold but out of the main refrigerator. Unopened bottles of juice that don't need refrigeration and extra soda also hang out here.

So this is what we're working with for January, I am making a note of what we eat, and we'll see what our stockpiles look like at the end of the month. I have a LOT of miscellaneous things in the pantry that we just don't really eat, and we're hoping to make a point to start clearing some of that out intentionally and only buy the items we do use on a regular basis going forward.

Looking forward to seeing how this month goes and sticking to the once-a-month plan in February too!


  1. You should start using the Checkout 51 app. It's Free and all you do is see what items you bought at the grocery store and see what items are on the app for cash back. Then you take a picture of your receipt and start racking up the money :) It's super easy and I've been using it since last spring. Oh they cash you out at every $20!

    1. I'm pretty sure my husband uses that app - I know he snaps pictures of receipts and gets rebates for some items! He's been doing most of the grocery shopping the past few months. :)


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