Omega 3 Fish Oil ~ Supplement for Mind and Body

There is so much information out there about the benefits of adding Omega-3 Fish Oil to your diet: reducing inflammation and increasing immunity, improving mental health, assisting with weight loss, cardiovascular benefits, and so much more. These fish oil supplements from Earth Well Nutrition (each of these bottle contains a 3-month supply) are produced with your health in mind. They are quality pills made from quality products and manufactured with care (not all fish oil supplements are created equal, it is important to know where the oil is harvested from, and how the pills are manufactured). These particular pills have lemon added to them to help prevent any "fishy" aftertaste which is a common complaint with many fish oil supplements as well, but is not an issue with these pills. This is a wonderful, quality, supplement which is great for your body and mind!


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Product Description:

You just found the highest quality omega 3 fish oil softgels on Amazon. Because we only use freshly caught wild cold water fish, and these fish are caught from the purest most pristine waters on earth, far from modern pollution. And because we use a world-renowned Norwegian technology to process and extract the fish oil, considered by most experts to be the finest production method in the world.

In each capsule you get 1,360 mg of pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, much more than most suppliers. With highly concentrated Omega-3's (800 EPA, 600 DHA, and 100 other EFAs), our fish oil has the most potent EPA/DHA ratio as recommended by most physicians including the TV Doctor, giving you the most health benefits.

There is absolutely no fishy aftertaste. We use fresh lemon taste to prevent any fishy smell, taste or aftertaste. There is no smell and the softgels do not taste fishy or bitter at all, and all our customers love them.

Our omega-3 supplement has the highest purity level thanks to a production process called molecular distillation. This process ensures that all heavy metals (like mercury) naturally coming from the sea are removed. Through this procedure you get the safest and purest product on the market, only containing the best high grade omega 3's your body needs.

You get our unconditional money back guarantee, because we are sure that you will be pleased with our top quality fish oil omega 3 supplements. But if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will replace your bottle or give you a refund, no questions asked.

Our body needs Omega 3 essential fatty acids to function. But many of us do not get enough from our diet.

Medical experts call omega 3 fish oil the prime natural supplement for humans. No product has been more researched and 1000s of scientific results show fish oil has safe proven benefits. Even the famous TV Doctor includes it in his top nutritional needs.

Documented benefits of fish oil:
  • cardiovascular disease, stroke 
  • mental health, cognitive aging, Alzheimer and fetal development 
  • inflammation and immunity 
  • cancer prevention 
  • vision and eye health 
  • radiant skin and hair 
  • weight loss and obesity prevention 
Get the highest quality today! When you buy fish oil quality is crucial as not all fish oils are made equal. That's why we created this product with the highest quality available (except prescription). Earthwell omega 3 is the highest quality fish oil because:
  • we only use fresh fish from unpolluted waters 
  • we use the #1 processing method to extract fish oil 
  • we employ an advanced molecular distillation process to remove all heavy metals like mercury 
  • we offer the highest quantity of fish oil per tablet (1360 mg) and omega 3 per capsule (750mg per capsule, ie 1500 mg per serving). 
Omega-3 is the most potent supplement, and you deserve to get the best quality there is.

Do not buy any fish oil with enteric coating. This equals to lower quality oils with a slower absorption rate as the pills do not dissolve in the stomach.

We use a proprietary antioxidant including rosemary extract and vitamin E to keep the fish oil fresh at all times. We have no magnesium sterate, which is a potentially harmful additive used by low grade suppliers.

Also note that we provide you with 180 caps per bottle, or about 3 months supply

*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product from Earth Well Nutrition for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own. 


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  9. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known as “fish oil.” Studies have shown that these polyunsaturated fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people, those at high risk of cardiovascular disease, or those who already have cardiovascular disease. Very informative Blog. Thank you so much.
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  11. Omega-3 fatty acids are also known as “fish oil.” Studies have shown that these polyunsaturated fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people, those at high risk of cardiovascular disease, or those who already have cardiovascular disease. Very informative Blog. Thank you so 3 fish oil

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