Lunch Box - Recipe Round Up and Review

I have been packing my lunch for work almost every day for my entire adult life... I'm old, don't make me count how many years that is. I have used a LOT of lunch bags over the years. One of my very favorite ones was an AllRecipes lunch bag - my son wore that one out though (he packs his lunch for school every day).

My son currently has one that is a soft cooler style bag with a long handle, and I just received this adorable soft cooler style bag set from Attican via Tomoson to try out! I love it. I really love that it comes with two bags - one is the perfect size for me to take to work everyday with my Lean Cuisine or Tupperware of leftovers along with a yogurt, Luna bar, cheese stick and a clementine (or some similar variation thereof) - my breakfast is almost always coffee, a Luna bar, yogurt and a clementine lately and then I eat leftovers or a Lean Cuisine for lunch and the cheese stick for a snack if I get hungry later in the day. The smaller bag is ideal for car trips - especially with a 15 month old. It's small enough to fit easily in her diaper bag and can hold a small ice pack along with some cut fresh fruit, cheese pieces, and / or some lunch meat or grilled chicken nuggets - whatever she might be interested in that particular day! This makes a great alternative to just having packaged convenience foods in her diaper bag (don't get me wrong - we always have something in there like a baby breakfast bar or puffs for emergencies. You just never know when you'll need them.)

These bags came packaged in a nice drawstring bag, and they appear and feel to be made of quality material. The insulation is nice and thick, and they are soft. The stitching looks really good and I am in love with the color! They are a very pretty pink - but not obnoxiously pink (in my opinion). I like the neutral color of the handle to offset the bright color as well. These are also offered in black. (The company also offers a lifetime moneyback guarantee on this set!)

Here are some great "lunch box" recipes the next time you need to pack your lunch!


*Full Disclosure: I received complimentary product from Attican for the purpose of review. I received no compensation for this post. All comments are 100% accurate and 100% my own.


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