5 Years Ago... Missing You

5 years ago today my world was flipped upside down and inside out. I learned my mother had passed away and was sent into a tailspin. That day I learned she was gone I was rushing around trying to get out of work early to head home and clean up and get ready for her visit. She was supposed to be flying out the morning she died to come stay with me and Kent for a week. The unfairness still leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

Here is a little photo tribute to her... so thankful to have all of these older pictures to go back through and look at.

I need to go back through my albums and pull more of the ones I have of mom with her grandbabies. Of course she never got to meet Lindsey, but she sure loved Kent and my brother's daughter Sofia. We have lived far apart from mom since Kent was about 6 months old, but she always kept in touch, and sent gifts and notes and always made us feel loved and special, no matter the distance.

5 years have passed since we said goodbye to mom, and though I can breathe a little easier than I could those first few months, the hole and ache in my heart is still there and I miss her every day. I am so grateful to have had the relationship we did and am grateful for the days I did have with her. She left an impact on all of those around her. Of course she was far from perfect, and she drove Kenneth crazy (heck she drove us all crazy at times!) but I was very close to her and loved her very, very much.

Some of the posts I wrote all those years ago:


Mom's Obituary

In Africa or Stanwood, Marysville woman was caregiver (news story about my mom)


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