Happy Fall - Lindsey is 13 (almost 14) months old!



Lindsey's 13 Month Old Fun Facts:
  • She is a walking talking toddlin' machine! She is a smarty pants and I love watching her learning and growing more and more each day. She has a pretty good vocabulary for her age, and is constantly learning new words and sounds. She has started using variations of "mo, ma, muh" for all sorts of things too. Monkey and Elmo both sound like "muh". 
  • She is getting SO much smoother with walking and transitions - she used to trip over pretty much every threshold, but now walks over them without incident almost every time now.
  • She is a super speedy stair climber now too! We never had access to stairs really in the old house, but in the new one (we've been in just over three weeks now!) we have a couple short flights of stairs in the main house and they're gated off so she doesn't fall down them, but I will often let her climb the stairs while I'm walking behind her on the way up to her room and bath each evening. She zips right up, and looks behind every step or two to make sure I'm there behind her. :)
  • She has crazy long bangs that I keep trying to brush back but they won't stay, and she will not tolerate anything in her hair or on her head - no clips, hats, or bands. I wish she would let me put her hair clips in - they look so CUTE! But she rips them right back out every time. 
  • She is still wearing 18 month sized clothing but probably not for too much longer. I just bought her a bunch of fleece footie pajamas in size 24 month since she only had 2 pairs in 18 month sized and this house is a lot colder at night (old house!) and I wanted her to have room to grow into them. They're baggy on her, but she can wear them. Most of her 18 month pants still fit fine, but I've noticed the regular t-shirts are starting to get a little short. I guess she has a long torso. 
  • She has a grin and giggle that totally melt my heart - my favoritest thing.
  • Her daddy dressed her in the outfit she is wearing in the pictures above and I think it is adorable - ok, I think most baby girl clothes are totally adorable.
  • She does a funny thing when she's scared by a noise (the vacuum cleaner and blender scare her a little) - she comes and wants to be picked up, then points to the scary noise and wants to investigate (as long as she has someone to comfort her while she's checking it out!)
  • She seems to really enjoy having her own big play room at the new house - and we are all enjoying having all of the baby "stuff" contained in one room that doesn't have to be picked up every 30 seconds! She can make a mess all she wants in there, and we just go in and tidy up every day or two when the floor gets to be too messy. She loves pulling all of her toys out of their bins - I think that's more fun then playing with them half the time.
  • She sleeps about 11 - 12 hours straight through most nights, and usually naps for a couple hours, but still hasn't gotten into a good napping schedule with Kenneth at home yet which often makes for a cranky and clingy baby girl.
  • I discovered she LOVES bruschetta tomatoes this past month - even though she's not a big fan of tomatoes on their own.
  • She is SUPER talkative at home, but when you take her somewhere new she gets very quiet and observant, just taking it all in and watching.
  • She's really into putting things into and taking them back out of containers right now - bags or boxes, she likes to put objects in, dump them out, and do it again!
  • She knows what the bowl of Halloween candy on the table is, if she sees it she points at it and looks at me with big eyes, then points some more.
  • Her little dimples are the cutest.
  • Her eczema has flared up a little, I think with the colder weather, and we've been using the Babyganics Lotion and it works great!


  1. She is SO adorable! Aren't babies the greatest? =) My little one is 17 months old (our first baby), and it has been such a joy to see her grow and change!

    1. Aww thank you Amy! And yes - they are absolutely the best thing ever. It is just incredible watching them learning, growing, and seeing their little personalities develop. She drives me nuts, and I adore her to pieces. :)


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