Happiest of Birthdays to my 16 Year Old Boy!

November 2013 - Kent celebrated his 15th birthday, had his soccer end of season party, and was in a JROTC Veteran's Day ceremony.
December 2013 - we baked cookies and celebrated Christmas with family. Kent even posed for pictures with his dog Diamond!
January 2014 - we had some snow and Kent let Lindsey discover his shiny eye wear.

February 2014 - more snow! Kent had a great time playing in it, and took some fantastic pictures when we had an ice storm.

March 2014 - Kent and his girlfriend April let me take some picture of them at the park and Kent made a batch of homemade potato chips.

April 2014 - Six Flags fun, Easter, and a JROTC event.

May 2014 - snuggles with his baby sister, playing games, and helping a friend after their motorcycle accident (hauling the bike onto a trailer).

June / July 2014 - a visit to Washington State to visit my family, Kent had such a GREAT time!

July 2014 - more pics from our Seattle visit.

August 2014 - playing at a park, playing with his friend Andrew, puppy snuggles, and making his sister giggle.

September 2014 - Official "10th Grade" pictures with Kent and April at their High School.

September 2014 - pictures from visiting Emory when we took Lindsey's 1st birthday pictures, Kent making pancakes, and snuggling his new pug, Roxy!

October 2014 - packing up to move to Lilburn (after living in Hiram for 10 years), an overnight with his friend Andrew, spending time with April, and of course being the very best big brother.

November 2014 - getting settled in at our new house, and letting Lindsey climb all over him, like she loves to do. Love this crazy, goofy kid!
 My young man has grown so much over the past year - it astounds me that yet another year has passed, and here he is now turning 16 years old today! My first born - he tries my patience, makes me laugh, disappoints me, makes me so proud, makes me so mad, makes me so happy, surprises me, makes me think, still gives hugs and says I love you, and is truly one of the best things in my life. I am so grateful for this kid, for all the ups and downs and in betweens. Kent is strong, so smart, independent, affectionate, generous, silly, kind, lazy, and crazy too. Love my kiddo!

Things have changed a lot between high school responsibilities, packing up and moving after 10 years at the same house, adjusting to a new home and new school, and having dogs and a baby underfoot most of the time. Kent, of course, has his days where he's had enough of everyone and wants to be left alone to do his own thing, but for the most part he is SO helpful at home, and has adjusted so well to the new house, neighborhood, and school and I am so proud of him. I can't imagine going through the move without all of his help - packing and hauling, unpacking and more hauling. Such a great helper!

Kent, I can't wait to see what this year brings your way as you continue to grow and develop into the young man you're becoming, and prepare for the day you head out on your own into the great big world. It is such a privilege and honor to watch you grow. I love you Kent!

And just for fun - here are a bunch of "little Kent" pictures... cutie pie!


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    1. Thanks lady!! <3 How does the time pass so quickly?!

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    1. It is always amazing to me to take the time and look back at a full year of photos and actually remember how much has happened in that span of time... even though it drives him crazy, makes me extra glad I'm a shutterbug. :D


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