Thanksgiving Menu - What's on Yours?

We love traditional Thanksgiving Dinners. This year it will just be our little family of 4 enjoying a meal in our new home. We have a lot of work to do at both of our houses still, so aren't making the drive to the mountains for the get together this year. Our game plan is to actually take Thanksgiving Day OFF and just be home, cook (and probably get some more boxes unpacked) and then Friday through Sunday it's back to work at the Hiram house, finishing up paint, rehanging curtains and fixtures, more steam cleaning of carpets, and some exterior repairs to the deck and porch, trimming bushes, and maybe power washing the house. It's still a long list, but we're making progress.

For Thanksgiving, I think this is my menu:
Snacks / Appetizers:
Lots of yummy food - probably in small serving sizes so we don't pack our refrigerator TOO full of leftovers! I can't wait to have a whole day just for cooking and baking in the kitchen. We're going to have way too many desserts - but we all like something different, and like more than one flavor. I'd make an apple pie too, but I'm really the only one in our family who likes apple. Kenneth prefers pumpkin and pecan, Kent likes all of them (but really likes the fluffy Chocolate Dream Pie), and I like chocolate and pumpkin but am not a fan of pecan... so there you have it - 3 pies for 4 people. Good math, right?!

Sadly only two of those recipes above are even on my recipe index on the blog so far - definitely need to get that remedied this year. :)

This was Thanksgiving 2013 at Kenneth's parent's house in the mountains. Lindsey was so little!


  1. We were lucky enough to have Irina spend Tuesday night here at Khamp Khyra!

    Here is the Photobucket from their time with us

    Unfortunately due to the weather, Irina didn't arrive until 745pm or so - and she didn't land in CT until 2pm or so - despite her hopes/plans of being there by 12n or so



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