Lindsey's 12 Month Old Vocabulary Check In!

I wanted to make a point to capture the words Lindsey is saying to look back on in the years to come, so here is my first one.

Lindsey is 12 1/2 months old.

Her vocabulary includes:
  1. Duck - when I ask where the duck is she hands me her yellow rubber ducky (in the bathtub) and says "duck"!
  2. Dada - she knows who her daddy is and if you ask here where is dada? She'll go over and touch him. :)
  3. Mama - she certainly knows who mama is and calls out for me when she's upset, and says it repeatedly when I get home.
  4. Bro bro - She says it "bruh bruh"and knows who her big brother is!
  5. Baba - She loves her bottle still; she was doing well with her sippy cup but has reverted to demanding "baba" especially when she's tired.
  6. Nana - said "nah nuh", Lindsey LOVES bananas and just recent started saying "nana" very excitedly if you ask if she wants one.
  7. Ni-ni - she also just started saying "ni-ni" for night-night at bedtime! We ask her if she's tired and wants to go ni-ni and she repeats it over and over and will wave and say ni-ni to her brother and daddy before we head to her room.
  8. Bye-bye - She says bye or bye-bye and waves, especially when she's telling you she wants to go outside! Sometimes she'll blow kisses when someone is leaving too. So cute! :)
  9. Book - she usually says it like "boo-ss", she loves reading and book time! She carries her books around and flips the pages. We always read at least 3 books at night, usually board books. Every now and then I'll read her a longer one, but she usually gets impatient if it takes too long to get through.
  10. Pup-pup - sometimes it sounds like "puh-puh", this is what she calls our dogs! 
  11. Hi - she says "hi" as a greeting sometimes, especially when we say it to her, or when she picks up a phone to hold to her head and "talk" to! 
  12. Yeah - her favorite word. Ask Lindsey just about any question and she'll say "yeah" and nod her head. Generally though she uses it appropriately - though every now and then we'll ask her off the wall things just to see if she'll agree. :)
  13. Yay - when we clap about something exciting or new Lindsey did, or to music, or whatever it may be she will say "Yay!!" as she claps her little hands!
  14. Uh-Oh! - she knows uh-oh for when she drops something, or something falls. Usually it's when she deliberately drops something on the floor. Booger head.
  15. Done - or something very close to it. We have been trying to teach her "all done" when she's done eating and when she's ready to get out of the bathtub, and she'll reach her hands up and say "done" or something very close to it.
  16. Uv you - I love you. We're working on this one too. She says it sporadically and doesn't quite have the "love" sound right, it comes out in different variations, but she tries to say it back sometimes and melts my heart.
  17. ball - sounds like "bah". She knows what a ball is and will say it when she picks one up and carries it around (she has a ball pit and will carry the balls around and say "bah, bah, bah". 
That's all of them that I can remember right now. There are probably one or two that I forgot, but I am going to try to do this every month or two - they grow and change so fast, it's fun to have these memories to look back on!

She's also getting good at understanding what things are. If you ask her where her hands or fingers are she'll clap or wave them at you, same with her toes (we usually do this on the changing table, and her feet often end up in her mouth when I ask where her toes are)!

The not so fun things she has started this week - this is her first full week home with Kenneth after being in daycare for months, and I think she's going through an adjustment period, but she has gotten really picky about her food, is refusing her sippy cup and wants her bottle (when she was almost completely off the bottles), is napping very poorly during the day, and has started throwing tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants where she bends at the waist and sort of bangs her head (not hard) on the floor while she's crying / hollering... it is weird and I am not quite sure what to think of it. I hope she settles into a routine with her daddy soon - I miss my happy sweet girl in the evenings when I get home!


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