Last Weekend - In Pictures

This is a snapshot of this past weekend, getting ready for our big move this coming weekend. Closing is Friday and there is still so much to get done!

Lindsey was having a good time with the empty boxes!

An example of the craziness - boxes and "stuff" everywhere. Dining and living rooms.

Lindsey is having a great time with all of the empty cabinets in the bathroom to play in!

One of several truck and car loads of packed boxes / rubbermaids we've taken over to Kenneth's grandmother's temporarily. Kent has been SUCH a huge helper - so appreciative of my boy!

One of our big piles of boxes in Kenneth's grandmother's basement while we work on emptying out our house.

Getting anything done with a 13 month old is challenging - so finding ways to "confine" her and keep her safe and entertained are valuable. When she is happy and quiet, it's time to get something productive done - quickly!!

I let Lindsey play in the yard for awhile after we got all the boxes in the basement - she sure loves the leaves!

Sweet girl was ready for her "green juice", some dinner, and home!


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