12 Months Old - A Few of My Favorite Baby Things!

When you're a new mom, you often rely on recommendations from friends, family, and yes online reviews for direction as to where to spend your hard earned dollars on products for your little one. So, I wanted to do a brief "What I Love" post of items (most that I'm going back through my Amazon purchases to find) that have been worth the expense and that I would gladly recommend and buy again. We purchased all of these items ourselves, or were given them as gifts for Lindsey by family and friends - these are just my thoughts / reviews on products we've been using and my recommendations for things I think have been good purchases to hopefully help you if you're looking for ideas for your own little one! :)

I know there are a TON more things I should probably add to this list - so I will have to come back and update this later.

  • These Carter's socks are great - they have non-stick grip print on the bottom which has come in handy now that our little girl is a moovin' groovin' toddlin' machine!
  • Woombies!! I loved them!! We used this one and this one (the arms are convertible, for when you're ready to transition them out of the swaddles).
I love these headbands!

We made most of Lindsey's baby purees at home, and these were all much loved / used:





Next I'll have to do a post with all of our favorite baby books - Lindsey LOVES books (or boo-ss) - we read every night and she points to the ones she wants to read, carries them around, and loves to turn the pages. We have quite a collection - but I'm sure it will only grow!

What are some of your favorite baby gear / items for your little one?!


  1. Have you tried using silicone bibs? They are great for messy baby eaters. It is easy to clean since it's waterproof and has a catch crumber to save the food.


    1. I love those and we have a couple - but Lindsey has a tendency to rip those type off, she can pull hard enough that the plastic piece slides back through the opening! We have to use snap bibs with her. I'll have to try the silicone ones again and see if she's gotten over that phase.


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