Happy 1st Birthday baby girl...

Our baby girl turns 1 year old today. Where has the time gone? We did 1st birthday pictures at Emory University and I was pretty happy with how they came out. I wanted to get a few more specific shots that I wasn't able to because it was so hot, Lindsey was getting flushed and overheated so we had to call it quits and went and had a nice lunch at Panera Bread and let everyone cool down for awhile. She had a good time exploring and walking around. I just can't believe it's already been a full year since she was born! Such an amazing year of milestones and moments to treasure and tuck away into my memories. I am so blessed that I can call Lindsey my girl, that I was chosen to be her mommy. She brings me so much joy, and fills my heart with love and laughter. It has been such a different experience having Lindsey so many years after her brother. He has taught me to value each and every precious moment, as I fully realize just how quickly the years pass by. So crying, fussing, smacking, smiles, laughter, and kisses - I soak each moment up and am grateful for them all. It is a joy to watch this little girl become her own person with her own strong will, smart, sassy, independent, but affectionate and so loving and happy too.

12 months old and you are my light little one. I am so thankful for you!

Lindsey's fun facts:
  • Sleeping is going GREAT. Except for the rare exception when teething or sickness interrupts, Lindsey goes to bed around 6:30 pm and gets up between 6 - 6:30 am the next morning.
  • Walking is going wonderfully. Lindsey has been walking well since 11 months and gets steadier and stronger each day. We still call her "drunk baby" when she is very tired (first thing in the morning and before bedtime) when she is much less stable and tends to weeble wobble and fall more often.
  • Strong willed, sassy, and smart. She is very observant and watches how things are done and tries to copy. She likes to let me put food on a spoon and then put it in her mouth (when she's in the right mood - otherwise the spoon is just good for banging on her tray). She has figured out how to put rings off and on the stacker quickly and uses the little wood mallet for her pounding bench well.
  • Eats well most of the time - usually loves most everything we give her to try and she prefers to feed herself. She loves broccoli cheesy rice, and I love that she'll eat her broccoli!
  • She had a blast with her chocolate and banana pudding cupcakes at her birthday party!
  • She is wearing size 18 months, and many of the pants are still a little long on her so I think we should get through the next 3 months in this size (at least - fingers crossed).
  • Her 12 month check up is coming up in a couple weeks, but at the doctor's office a couple days ago for a sick appointment she weighed 22lbs 6oz.
  • She has started to pet the puppies more gently and we are very glad (so are they)!
  • When she gets upset and mad she tends to smack (whacky baby) but then often pets gently or gives a kiss when she knows she shouldn't have done that.
  • We're still using bottles and haven't made the switch to sippy cups yet.
  • We're still using Stage 2 formula and will ask about transitioning to regular milk at her check up.
  • Lindsey's favorite toys usually involve music - her baby Einstein take along tunes is probably number one right now. She loves her new rubber fruits / veggies and little kitchen she just got for her birthday too, and her ball pit!
  • Bedtime involves bath (which she still loves) where she plays with lots of toys (rubber duckies, squirters, and foam numbers and letters), then nighttime diaper, lavender lotion, and pajamas (this usually involves a lot of fussing, because she doesn't want to go to bed!!). Then we sit in her rocking chair and read about 3 books while she drinks her night bottle. Lights go off, noise machine and night light turtle on. We'll keep rocking until she's done with her bottle or she gets squirmy. Then into bed with her glow seahorse and she usually slips off pretty quietly within 5 - 10 minutes listening to her seahorse.
The "ONE" poster I made for Lindsey's birthday party.

Size comparison - Lindsey's newborn onesie she came home from the hospital in, and her 18 month sized onesie she wore at her party!


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