#10DaysofTailgate - Introducing El Diablo Hot & Spicy Mustard, ThermoWorks, FireWire, and Mr. Bar-B-Q!

This one is jam packed full of goodies in preparation for the #10DaysofTailgate - coming up September 20th - 30th (make sure you come back on September 19th for the Kick-Off post with all the fantastic giveaway details!)

In the past few days the post office has been busy with deliveries to my house and I am one excited and happy blogger!!

Look at these goodies that I get to work with for #10DaysofTailgate!

El Diablo Hot and Spicy Mustard - visit their website here, or Facebook here. I was excited when this package showed up - the box these were packaged in was incredibly cool; look at it - don't you want to dig in?

I received a 3-pack sampler of mustards, ranging from medium to hot - flavors include:
Smokey Chipotle, Mango, and Habanero (HOT)!

El Diablo's slogan is "The Mustard That Bites Back"! So be prepared for some HOT FLAVOR with these fantastic condiments!

Next, I'm excited to introduce you to FireWire, maker of flexible grilling skewers. Or grilling genius as I like to think of it. See a post Camilla wrote about using these amazing skewers here. Visit FireWire at their website here, or on Facebook here.

The next product I am itching to try out is a grilling skillet from Mr. Bar-B-Q (look at all of the baskets they have available!). Visit them at their website here or on Facebook here. These are amazing tools - they really open up the way you can use your grill to cook meat and vegetables. I already know EXACTLY how I'm going to use this terrific grilling tool and can't wait to share it with you!

And last, but certainly not least, for today I am introducing you to ThermoWorks - they are the makers of thermometers, timers, and more. Check out the ThermoPop that we get to test out. (My hubby was particularly excited about this product - I can see visions of perfectly cooked burgers and steaks dancing in his head already)! Visit ThermoWorks on their website or Facebook!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I love it and our sponsors will, too.

    1. Thanks Camilla!! So thrilled with our fantastic sponsors for #10DaysofTailgate - they have been amazing. :)

  2. Awesome products! I'm excited to use them! Can't wait to see your posts for the tailgating party!


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