A Beautiful Day at Caney Creek Preserve

Caney Creek Preserve is a beautiful park with a  dog park, walking trails, and an awesome playground. On Sunday morning we made the drive to join a few others who had also adopted basset hounds through Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia at the dog park to romp for a little while. Lindsey cried most of the 1 hour drive there, and then she fell asleep about 15 minutes before we got to the park at 10:00am. So I sat with her in the truck while she slept, and the boys took the dogs down to the dog park to play. Lindsey slept until about 10:45 and then she and I went down to join everyone else.

Lindsey and our little foster puppy both seemed to be plotting their escape! The grass was a little wet, and Lindsey got muddy right after we got there. She had lots of fun sitting in the grass and picking up the little pieces of leaves. Thankfully she didn't try to eat them (much). She was too fascinated by the new people and all the other puppies that wanted to sniff her.

Kent and Max hanging out in the dog park.

Lindsey in the trees. I thought this was such a pretty little spot with all the young trees. Lindsey thought the trees were tasty.

Lindsey made a new friend at the playground! This other little girl came right up and asked if Lindsey like to be held - I said usually and she held her hands out to her. Lindsey was a little hesitant at first then went right to her and was just staring at her and smiling at her. They probably played for 15 minutes before the other little girl's dad convinced her it was time to go. :) Lindsey had a blast!


 I told Kent he had to climb the big rope ladder - he had fun!   

The puppies were worn out from all the running around and playing at the park - they were happy to lay in the shade and rest!

My only photographic evidence that I was there too - my shadow and Lindsey's as we walked back to the car! Lindsey just got new shoes on Saturday at Stride Rite - and she sure put them to good use with all the playing and walking she did!


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