Meal Plan week of 6/24/2013

There's a little bit of everything to enjoy this week! Creamy mashed potatoes with meatballs smothered in gravy, pasta with bacon and mushroom chicken, tender and slow-cooked barbecued beef, Chinese BBQ pork, and an easy one for the grill at the end of the week - cheesy bacon hot dogs! Yumm! I remember Chinese BBQ Pork from visits with my grandmother - they often had that red tinged, thin sliced pork out to snack on, complete with tangy mustard and sesame seeds. I would half fill up on the yummy treat well before it was time to actually eat a meal! I've never tried to recreate this dish at home, but have wanted to for a long time! I'm hoping it will come together and taste at least similar to what I remember from all those years ago. :)

Dinner: Melt-In-Your-Mouth Meatballs with Gravy (from Colie's Kitchen), steamed rice, green beans

Dinner: Country Club Chicken (from Colie's Kitchen), Caesar Salad, garlic Texas Toast

Dinner: Baked Round Steak in BBQ Sauce (from, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies

Dinner: Chinese BBQ Pork (from, steamed broccoli, steamed brown rice 

Dinner: Cheesy Bacon Ultimate Dogs, baked onion rings, carrot and celery veggie sticks

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