Where have all the blogs gone?

I was looking through my "subscribed" reading list of blogs today and updating it - it's been awhile apparently. I opened a blog to see when the last post was and ended up deleting over 100 subscriptions because the blog either no longer existed, was password protected or hadn't been updated in months, sometimes over a year!

I've maintained this blog for I think over 6 years now... I just can't imagine creating a blog with the intent of posting about your life, your surrogacy experiences, or your adventures in cooking (as those are the majority of the blogs I read) and then just leaving it. I understand deciding one day you don't want to keep up with it anymore and making a "farewell" post of sorts and leaving your blog as a record of everything you wrote about before, but pretty much all the ones that had old posts with no new activity didn't have any sort of update, they just stopped blogging... makes me wonder why... did they get bored with it? forget about it? decide it wasn't worth their time and effort? Why?

I love blogging, it's an easier version of journaling for me. I love being able to look back and see what was going on a year ago, 2 years ago, at the same point in a different pregnancy/surrogacy journey. It is comforting for me to have those moments captured in an easily accessible manner. I love looking back to see the foster puppies we've cared for, or just looking back and having a snapshot of my year!

There are of course many more blogs to read that are active still, and that I very much enjoy, but I wanted to recognize all the ones that have come and gone and are no longer. In this great big world of the internet I wanted to say "goodbye".


  1. We so understand!

    Many of 'us' (dog pawrents) often wonder the same thing -

    We feel there should be some 'blog etiquette' when one decides to stop blogging as we all would like some closure - not just POOF - be gone!

    Of course, we are still here!

  2. Thank goodness you are still there!! :) I can't imagine Khyra's Korner vanishing into cyberspace!

  3. I know how you feel. I love reading blogs on a variety of subjects and it makes me sad to see them go poof. I tend to get lazy or feel like I have nothing to share at times and I'll be silent on mine for a bit but then I force myself to stay "alive" out there. LOL

    I did promise myself I'd make a point of writing something at least once every couple of weeks. Why? Because when I started it was, like you said, a sort of journaling for myself. But also I figured if I can share something useful to at least ONE person, then that would be cool.

    I love your blog so much and I must admit it's cool when I get an email that you've shared a new recipe or puppy pic :-) Thanks for keeping yours alive.

  4. I need to go through and delete a bunch thats for sure. Im trying really hard to keep mine updated.

  5. Dalia - thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you've kept yours alive - you have such a great way of expressing your personality in your words, I love having the chance to "get to know you" a little better through your posts!

  6. I agree with you, Rebekah. As someone who follows surrogate and IP blogs I get so into people's stories and sometimes I wonder what happens to them. Hopefully I'll get some updates one day. Glad you are keeping up with postings.

  7. Michael it definitely seems to happen a lot with the surrogacy blogs in particular - I guess people start them with a specific intent, and then just stop posting when it's over, or when they no longer want to talk about it - or maybe for the IPs when they're busy with their new little ones! :) I know everyone has their reasons, maybe I'm just nosy and get invested and would like to know how people are after following along with them for months or longer... thank goodness you keep the updates coming! :)

  8. I am always sad when I go to read a blog- and its no longer there or hasnt been posted on for a long period of time. The blogs I follow- allow me to feel connected to people and I think also create a better understanding of things that go on in other people's worlds and sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives. I love following and posting on my blogs- its a good way to keep track of what is going on in life- and almost like a diary! Sorry some of your blog friends left you hanging!


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