Leftover Turkey "Gobbler" Sandwich!

This is so good - perfect anytime you have some leftover turkey around, or good 'ol turkey lunchmeat will work just fine too! If you want a "Thanksgiving" fix without all the work, this is perfect. I love the flavors of cranberry combined with turkey, and all the tangy and sweet flavors work well together in this sandwich

2 slices whole wheat bread
1-2 tsp mayonnaise
2-3 slices of turkey
1 slice Swiss or provolone cheese (optional)
dill pickle slices
2 thin slices of cranberry dressing
2 romaine lettuce leaves

Toast the bread. Add the mayonnaise to one or both sides (your preference). One one half of the bread, layer on the turkey, cheese, cranberry dressing, pickles and lettuce leaves and top with the other slice of bread.



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