Surrogacy Together - Inspiring Surrogacy Stories, yours are NEEDED! :)

This is the message I received (and was encouraged to pass along)!

This is Jon from

I am working on a book of "Inspiring Surrogacy Stories." You can visit the website for more details at

This is your chance for everyone to share your exciting, sad, funny, or inspiring story about Surrogacy.

We have all had personal experiences where someone in the Surrogacy Community supported and helped us navigate the often rough road called the "Surrogacy Journey."

We will be publishing short stories that are no longer than 1,200 words in length.

1. Brief Introduction/Explanation of who you are and your place in the community.
2. Tell us about your most inspiring Surrogacy moment or moments.

Here is an example of how your chapter will look in the ebook.

Title: Here Comes the Calvary
By: Jon Anderson

Your Story will go here

Let me know if you will help and share a story. Plus, can you forward the information to anyone that you think would be interested in sharing their story.


If you can take a few moments to write down a short story about your inspirational surrogacy moments, and pass this along to other Intended Parents, Former Intended Parents, Surrogates, Former Surrogates, etc. I think this is a great opportunity to come together as a community to help make this project successful and enjoyable for many (the deadline for the inspirational stories is coming up QUICKLY - it's next Monday the 22nd, so get your stories in soon!)

Thank you! :)


  1. Thanks for sending in your story and writing the post about the project. This is a project that needs input from the entire community to be successful.


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