8w3d - warning: adorable baby Chadifers!

We had our final ultrasound at ACRM yesterday! I can't believe we've graduated now from the clinic and are being sent off into the big wide world on our own! :D This experience all around is going to be brand new to me in just about every way, since we have two babies this time and I will be going to a new OB, a new Perinatologist and delivering at a new hospital. Jenn had already received a recommendation for the peri, so that appointment is set for September 15th (we'll be just over 12 weeks, so most likely it will be our nuchal screening appointment) and Dr. Hasty at ACRM gave us an OB recommendation so we have our first OB appointment set up now too! I am looking forward to meeting these doctor's and getting comfortable and familiar with them in the coming months. I have no anxiety at all about having new doctor's, especially since both came so well recommended, I am sure they will be very good doctor's - I just hope I feel comfortable with them. I have had a very good and laid back feeling about most everything through now, and don't see why this would be any different so I'm feeling very positively that I will really like them both and that we will all get great care throughout this pregnancy! :)

So back to the adorable baby Chadifers! I am one proud surro, I must say. These little peanuts are completely adorable and growing beautifully! At 8w2d they measured 8w2d and 8w3d with heart rates of 171 and 179. They are filling out their gestational sacs and you can really start to see their perfect little shapes! It was a wonderful ultrasound and I was so excited and relieved when we could see both of those beautiful little hearts fluttering away.

Jenn texted me copies of the pictures, here are a couple:
Two ever so cute peas in a pod.
Close up of one of the babies, crown to rump measurement.

After our awesome appointment at the clinic we grabbed a quick lunch at Einstein's and I had my very favorite Tasty Turkey on Asiago - my favorite thing to get there! I really like their chicken noodle soup too, yumm! After lunch we said our goodbyes until the next appointment and went back to work.

So all is going well! We are 2/3 of the way through the first trimester, I have an "end date" for meds next Thursday and I'm feeling pretty good most of the time. Tired and queasy, but I think I'm getting used to it! :) I have started going to bed earlier the past couple nights and it really, really helps with how I feel in the morning. I cannot wait for that very last progesterone injection - that will add almost 30 minutes extra that I can sleep before the alarm goes off in the mornings!! Yippee!! 

I will be taking a couple hour nap when I get home this afternoon and then heading out to pick Kenneth up at the airport around 11pm! It's going to be a late night, but I cannot wait to see him! Yay!!


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