6w6d - check in and update!

It was an eventful weekend, though I would love to say it was just boring! I came down with a cold of some sort that really started hitting me on Friday and knew I'd be resting over the weekend. I woke up feeling the worst I'd felt so far on Saturday with barely any voice, my throat was really raw and scratchy and I kept coughing. I got settled on the couch in my pajamas and was watching some movies and napping, sucking on cough drops and drinking water when I felt something and thought it might be bleeding. I checked quickly and there was a little bit. I went to the bathroom and not a lot, but a light steady stream was coming out. I was really, really freaking out - I've never had bleeding with any of my pregnancies except for maybe an episode or two of very minor spotting, but never actual bleeding like this. There were no clots and it wasn't gushing, and I figured those were good signs. I put on a pad and went back to the couch and got my feet up and started drinking more water, I was having some fairly painful cramping too and so I sent my IM a note to give her the update. We were all pretty worried and after talking to the clinic Jenn got us an ultrasound appointment for the next morning at 8:45.

All afternoon I just drank water, and pretty much got up to use the bathroom and then laid back down keeping my feel slightly elevated. I prayed for the babies and hoped the fact that the bleeding had pretty much stopped after a couple hours and the cramps were gone were good signs and that we would see heartbeats in the morning. I was so worried for Jenn and Chad's little ones...

Finally the next morning came and I showered and we got ready to go, I felt bad getting Kent up early on a weekend, but he was a pretty good sport when I bribed him with breakfast from McDonald's. I drank more water all the way to the clinic. That morning all I'd seen was some old blood, and not much so again I kept hoping that was a good sign and things would be ok...

We got to the clinic about the same time as Jenn and Chad, I was using the bathroom when I got a text letting me know they were getting us signed in. I met them in the lobby and they took us back pretty much right away. Dr. Denis who did our transfer was there to do the ultrasound. When I gave him the overview of what had happened he didn't appear too worried and once the ultrasound was started (I think I actually held my breath for a moment) he did indeed find two beautiful healthy heartbeats without any issue... What a HUGE relief... I think you could feel it in the room! He took more measurements and listened to heartbeats - both babies had grown in the 3 days since we'd first seen them when they measured 6w1d to 6w6d and 7w0d with heartrates from 126 and 127 to 134 and 139 - very good growth for them both! There is indeed a bleed, at the bottom of the sacs where it should have "easy access" to drain without disturbing the babies if it doesn't reabsorb first. From other surro's I've talked to, one near the cervix might bleed more than one higher up, but hopefully won't last more than a couple weeks or so - our next ultrasound is scheduled for the 18th pending no more bleeding most likely, so hopefully we will have an uneventful week plus and see healthy 8 1/2 week babies on the 18th!

Here are the "chadifers" as of Sunday the 7th at 6w5d, measuring 1 and 2 days ahead - grow little ones, grow! :)

I am feeling pretty cruddy this past week, the all day queasiness comes and goes as it pleases - I've had maybe one day in the past week I felt pretty good nausea wise and ate fairly normally, the rest of the time I have to remind myself to try to eat on some sort of schedule because the queasiness is just always there, threatening to make me upchuck whatever I try to ingest if I take that one last bite... still haven't had any vomitting yet (knock on wood!!) and hoping it might just stay away awhile longer - we shall see! I haven't felt like cooking at all, I pretty much am exhausted and want to be a bum when I'm home in the evenings on work nights, but I miss cooking too so I'm hoping to maybe venture back into the kitchen and try something more challenging than my "go-to" Peanut Butter & Honey sandwich or fried egg and toast which seems to be about all I "fix" anymore! Tuna noodle casserole was sounding really good yesterday - we'll see if my stomach still thinks so this evening! :)


  1. so glad everything is ok!!! hopefully that cold doesn't stick around too long!!

  2. So glad to hear all is well with you and those babies!!!


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