9w6d - First OB Visit!

Today was our first appointment with the new OB's office. First impression is that it will be fine, and they will be fine with the surrogacy and be great with Jenn and Chad attending when they can and definitely treat them as the parent's which is HUGELY important. It is a big office, part of a bigger women's health group and will be quite an adjustment on my part to what I'm used to. I love my OB's office where everyone knows everyone and am not expecting that at this office at all. I am pretty laid back and not really a high maintenance patient so I'll roll with it, as long as we're getting good care I am happy! Everyone we did interract with today was very nice - though they were calling Jenn my "sister" at first which was funny. I didn't stop and explain it to everyone though, I figured as long as the person actually seeing us in a room understood the dynamic that works for today! :)

My blood pressure, urine and iron levels were all fine which is a good start. They did a papsmear as well and we made a follow up appointment for October 3rd which is in 5 weeks. We have the peri appointment on September 15th, so we tried to space it a little evenly so we don't have back to back appointments between the two offices. The very fun part was our bedside ultrasound! They brought in a little bity portable ultrasound but the images were fantastic! Super clear and here's one of the shots of Baby A and B:

We are 9w6d today and babies are measuring 10w2d (heartrate 158) and 10w0d (heartrate 150). So they are both growing just beautifully! We got quite a show from one of the babies with some waving and what looked like a hiccup. SOOO CUTE! :) They're getting so big and it is just amazing how much detail you can already see on them. Baby A was hanging out all cool and groovy, lounging side ways and Baby B was hanging out upside down (s/he looks like a little frog in this picture!) :)

So all is well with this check up and we don't have anything else until September 15th at the peri's office! I'll be thrilled to reach that 12 week mark and have one big milestone under our belt! :)


  1. Congrats on a great appointment! Sounds like things went really smoothly that's always a huge relief! YAY!

  2. Great update! The babies are over acheivers :)


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