Meet Ken and Coy - the foster puppies!

I can't believe I haven't done an introduction of our most recent foster babies! They have COMPLETELY stolen our hearts and we absolutely adore them. I think anyone who adopts these guys is going to be so in love and so lucky too! :)

Find them on PetFinder here! Rotts N Pups Rescue's page is here.

They are brothers and are Border Collie mixes. They have such unique personalities, sizes and coloring! It's fascinating to see the differences between the two! Ken is the black and white and Coy is the gray one. They are both gorgeous and super sweet boys! They are very well behaved, LOVE to play and are pretty much crate trained already. They sleep through the night, only waking me up early maybe once a week or so when someone needs to go potty and can't wait 'til we wake up!!

Coy is SO photogenic - his eyes just sucker you right in. He's the littler of the two and tends to be a little more observant, reserved and quiet than his bigger brother. He loves attention and snuggling too but not as much as Ken! Ken adores people and tells you all about it, he gets so excited when it's time to come in and play or cuddle! He will flop back on you like a baby doll and smother you in kisses, and scratch his tummy and watch that back foot fly! :)


  1. LOL!! John just said, "Yeah they won't be there that long" LOL! They are so ADORABLE!

  2. You're right Rebekah.One of them looks remarkably like my Shadow.


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