14w6d - OB Appointment!

Today was our OB appointment - it went well, everything is "fine" and normal for the moment which is FANTASTIC news! :) I like normal and boring appointments, they're my favorite! I've gained some in the past 5 weeks which is great, BP was fine, no protein in my urine - all vitals were fine. They took us back to the room and we got to hear both heartbeats on the doppler - the one on the low left hand side is really tricky to find though and we only got to hear her for a couple seconds before she disappeared again!

It was really great meeting Dr. Jo. I really liked her a lot. She was very attentive and responsive and friendly. She had great answers for all of our questions and really took her time with us and not only talked to us about our prenatal care but took the time to learn more about Jenn and her history as well which I thought was awesome! We talked some about delivery again and how she prefers to handle multiples and she seems to be pretty much on the same page as us which was great. Keeping my fingers crossed for head down babies, but we shall see when it's closer how things shake out! As long as the end result is happy healthy babies, really I am ok with whatever delivery experience we end up with. Yes it will not be my "ideal" delivery, but it will be unique, special and one of a kind resulting in two beautiful babies for Jenn and Chad and that is MORE than enough for me!

We had a great week with Kenneth home, it went by way too quickly! He fixed everything on the saved up "honey-do" list for me while he was here and we got errands run and packing done. I still have to put away his suitcases of things he didn't need anymore since this is a whole new training session and they'll be doing completely different things than the previous training portion. He took a bunch of his gear with him, I'm sure way more than he will actually need! He also took my baby... my Corvette... sigh. I will miss her. However, I'm already starting to have a hard time getting out of that car because it's so low to the ground and my belly is growing more and more each week! So, I know it was definitely the right car to send with him, but I will still miss my baby! :D (Kenneth kept showing me pictures of Corvettes when he was home... I'm beginning to wonder if he's considering having one delivered to me for a Christmas present or something - I tried to convince him the LAST thing we need is another VEHICLE around our house! We already have 2 trucks, 2 motorcycles and 2 cars!)

We are hoping to maybe pick a weekend that we can meet half way just the two of us between now and November, otherwise we won't see him again 'til Thanksgiving when he gets a few days off for break.

There are only three months left in the year! It's hard for me to believe how fast time seems to be passing by!


  1. Yay for boring appoitments! Those are the greatest. Now it's time for a new belly pic! (Oh and I'm jealous of your weight gain. I can't seem to gain more than the 3 I have gained so far. If I do gain more, then I lose it the next day.) :D Nice to have you baking twinkies along side me!


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