18w2d - OB appt Update!

Yesterday was our OB appointment, everything went great! We met at a different location this time due to scheduling conflicts but it worked out to meet at the Alpharetta location. It was about 11 miles from the office but really not that bad since traffice on 400 going the direction I was headed was pretty light and was moving well. I got to use my new GPS Kenneth bought for me last time he was home! :D

I got there a few minutes early and waited 'til the appointment time to check in, then gave a urine sample and met up with Jen in the lobby. We went back for vitals, blood pressure and weight and then waited briefly in the "2nd" waiting room (which was oddly identical to the one at the Northside location we usually visit!) We were taken back and got to hear both heartbeats on doppler and Jen made a request for a quick ultrasound since they won't let them film at the peri's office. Next thing we knew Dr. Jo was coming on in with a portable machine! Yay!! :D I didn't really see too much because the screen is really small (though resolution is great!) and Jenn was trying to get a good shot to film the images; what I did see was adorable though. The girls are beautiful and getting long arms and legs and moving around a lot. I have to say it was reassuring to see that because with how little movement I'm still feeling I do worry a little sometimes, though I'm always able to reassure myself when I pick up their beautiful strong heartbeats with the doppler! I really hope I can feel more within the next couple weeks - it's my favorite part of being pregnant and with the last two singletons I was definitely feeling more at this point then I am with these two which is so strange. I know it has to do with the baby's position and where the placenta is, etc. I just am ready for it to be more noticeable for sure, hopefully soon! I am still happy with the sweet little bumps and nudges I do get to feel for now!

Neither of us had any real questions, and I don't have any issues to discuss (yet, knock on something) so we moved on to the "what's coming up next". Next OB appointment will be with a different OB (apparently they start rotating us from this point forward so we can meet the other doctor's since there's no guarantee who will actually be delivering us when it's time)! That will be a ultrasound appointment (anatomy scan) on November 23rd (which is also Kent's 13th birthday! ACK!!) and then we'll make another appointment for 1 month later and that will be the glucose tolerance test if I understood correctly. That would put me at 26 weeks so that sounds right. I think not long after that they'll move us to appointments twice a month since we'll be in the 3rd trimester! That just blows my mind... 2 more months and we'll be in that final trimester. I know the next 2 months are going to absolutely fly by too with all the Holiday activity and get togethers coming up. We have a Halloween Party on Saturday, trick or treating either Sunday or Monday - not sure what the general consenus is yet then on the 10th of November we have our next peri appointment and I leave that afternoon to meet up with Kenneth somewhere in Mississippi for a couple days (he has a 3-day weekend we're going to enjoy together), home on the 13th, the next Saturday will be Kent's birthday party, the weekend after that is Thanksgiving then we're into December!!!! We only have 4 days left in this month and it already feels like November is pretty much over... Kent is so excited for his birthday and party and I hope he gets at least a few friends and family members to join us at his party - it'll be a lot smaller of a group this year since both of his aunt's are now out of the state and Kenneth won't be back for a few days after the party. Hopefully his grandparents and great grandmother can make it for the family support! I know it means a lot to him to get to see everyone on his special day and he really loves them all. Thanksgiving will probably just be a few of us too since Ken and Donna are going to Texas to visit Maggie and I'm not sure if April and David will make the trek from Tennessee since they won't be here. I don't mind quiet Holiday's, but it will be different this year, for sure. :) We'll probably just do something on a smaller scale at Honey's house - at least that's what I suggested when she and I talked a couple days ago. We'll get to see her on Sunday to take her to a belated birthday lunch! She had to go out of town for a few days to be with her sister who just lost her husband after a long illness.

In any event, I know this is getting rambly, lots of little updates! It looks like a beautiful fall day out there and I am hoping it lasts through the weekend, though I heard rain is coming in on Friday again. I think the puppies are probably heading out this weekend or maybe next on transport, just waiting for the details to be sure! They are getting so big and are so adorable! I can't wait to hear they have new homes lined up!


  1. Wow! You DO have a busy holiday season coming up! That 3rd trimester is going to sneak up on you! Glad to hear everything is going smoothly!

  2. Thanks for the human and pup updates!

    I'm hoping to be driving your two when they come North - hopefully the weekend of 11/5 and 6!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Awwww...everything sounds great ! Glad to hear the twins are growing strong and healthy !!

  4. It's funny how similar our twin pregnancies are. I don't feel these babies as much as my singleton pregnancies either, but I will say that I am feeling them just a little stronger and a little more frequent this past week or so. I am ready for them to kick harder! Espeacially baby B (I don't hardly feel him at all- maybe once or twice a day). I feel baby A more frequently and she's the one with the anterior placenta! Go figure. :) Glad all is going well with you!!!


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