16w3d - Perinatal Appt Number Two!

Today was our 2nd perinatologist appointment, honestly it's kind of hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that it has been a MONTH since that last visit! Time flies! :) This appointment went much, much better than the last one, I promise I will not be going home and crying tonight! :D

We had a really nice u/s tech for the first portion of the appointment who took lots of measurements on the babies (A and B have flip flopped again, now the one in the middle is back to being A and the one on the left is back to being B!) They were both vertex, and Baby A's head is directly over my cervix (we told her not to be getting any ideas any time soon though - however I am happy to see they both are head down at the moment, and hopefully getting comfortable and practicing for the position I hope they STAY in! :D ) There was lots of measurements of the brain, stomach, checking the heart, arteries, blood flow, measuring femur length, etc. Both are measuring about a day or two ahead and have heart rates (identical, yet again!) of 156! They looked just perfect and we saw lots of adorably cute toes and fingers waving at us and kicking around. Apparently I have some feet right under my belly button. :) We did get confirmation again that both are indeed chaderfina's! Two baby girls for Jenn and Chad! I am still a little confounded at statistically how this has happened with now 4 for 4 surro babies being girls, but it's kind of cool at the same time! :)

We all got "gold stars" from the perinatologist after she came in and did a quick look herself and asked us how things were going and if we had any questions. I didn't realize she was the peri who had worked really closely with my FIM "L" and it came out at the end of the conversation the Jenn and Chad knew "L" and then that I had been her surro and that was another cool small world moment! So much connectivity! It's really neat! I was told "protein, protein, protein" on her way out - so I will continue to track what I'm eating and do my best to take in that minimum of 100 grams per day. So far I'm doing ok, definitely harder some days than others to eat as much as I want to or should. Last night it took me probably an hour to finish my plate of spaghetti and meat sauce but I just rested, watched some TV and when there was space I finished it all eventually! I just have to make an effort to continually keep the flow of good food coming and make each bite count. With how I'm already starting to feel "full" a lot more than I was a week or two ago I'm wondering how long until eating gets to be a serious chore... fingers crossed I have a while before I get to that stage yet! I have noticed that I'm starting to get just the littlest bit of heartburn throughout the day... oh JOY! I am just so excited THAT has already started back up! (insert eye roll here!!) :) I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since my stomach is getting "squished" sooner than normal, but Tums are going to become my friend again I guess. Good thing we buy them at Sam's Club. Ha ha! :)

There were lots of great images captured on the screen, but their computer system wasn't working right so they couldn't print any pics for Jenn and Chad, but said they'll mail them to them when it's running again and then Jenn will text me some - I can't wait to see which ones they send them. A couple of my favorite shots were one with two little feet, one on top of the other and then one with both Baby B's hands up under her face like she was napping. SO SWEET! :)

So yesterday I got "bumped" on the freeway on my way home which was a crappy way to end my day. Thank God it was very low speed, no air bags, no bumping the steering wheel and nothing but a little neck soreness and a scratched bumper that probably needs replacement, but it definitely got my pulse racing and left me feeling queasy most of last night. I was a little crampy but it went away by this morning and since we already had the ultrasound scheduled for today we were all ok not making a point to get checked last night. But because of that lovely incident, I was all the more relieved and happy to see babies looking healthy and happy, no bleeds, nothing weird or out of the ordinary going on. As accidents go it really wasn't a big deal, more of an inconvenience than anything else, and I'll have to deal with the other person's insurance to get the claim settled and get the repairs done, but not too bad in the scheme of things. I am ready for a relaxing and relatively boring weekend though! Kent is really excited about going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and I'm excited to watch him and enjoy what has certainly got to be one of my last years of watching my nearly 13 year old be excited about pumpkin picking and caramel apples and all the other fun fall things that we get to do this time of year!

I'm going to print that "Fall Bucket List" I posted the other day and put it on the fridge and let him check things off and decide which ones we're going to do and which ones aren't so important (I'm thinking he's not going to be a big fan of the "leaf art"! :) ) Only 2 more weeks (pretty much) until Halloween!! Craziness!! This month is half over already...!


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