15w6d - the weather is a changin...

And with the cooler, damper weather, along comes sinus pressure. Sinus pressure I am used to. I usually feel it around this time and in the spring too - it usually is just a little annoying but nothing too bothersome. This time, not so much. It's beyond bothersome. It has brought with it several VERY painful sinus headaches this time around. I think it has to be the combination of my normal sinus reaction and "pregnancy sinuses" to boot. The combination is not working out so well for me and I've woken up with some pretty nasty headaches a couple days over the past couple weeks. This morning was one of them. I am one of those who absolutely hates taking ANY form of medication pretty much all the time and especially when pregnant. But this morning I woke up, wanted to die, took two Tylenol and went back to sleep for 45 minutes until the headaches was just a dull pain and no longer sharp and tear inducing. I can still feel it right behind my eyebrow. Sigh. I'm going to have to look up and start trying some home remedies, steam, warm wash cloths, something, because these headaches are killer when they do hit.

Other than the occasional headache I am feeling pretty good! I have enough energy to run errands on the weekend and still cook and I even baked an apple pie on Saturday morning which we have been enjoying all weekend. Yumm! I have missed having my oven and missed having the energy and desire to actually bake - so good timing for it to come back, fall is perfect baking weather! :)

Our internet has been out at the house since Saturday mid-day so a tech is coming this afternoon to see if they can fix the issue. Fingers crossed it's not too big of an issue!

We also found an adorably cute black kitten in our bushes on Thursday, it wouldn't let us get anywhere near it so we kept putting food and water out for it hoping it would change it's mind. It didn't, but it did stick around. So on Saturday we went to the animal shelter and checked out a "cat trap" - I hate the idea of animals just being left outside to fend for themselves not to mention animal overpopulation issues and knew I wanted to get him/her to the shelter one way or another. So we were able to trap the very cute but very scared kitty and they are coming to pick him/her up today. I feel a little guilty since the kitty is obviously very scared of people, but good too, knowing they will have food and shelter and a chance at having a home.

It's been kind of a random and busy weekend I guess! Pie, kitty, shopping for fall jeans and clothes for Kent and internet issues! That's enough for me! :)

16 weeks tomorrow! Yippee!! Cannot wait for Friday's ultrasound appointment too! :)


  1. Sounds like a busy week and weekend!!

  2. I'm having the same sinus issues, and it is not fun! Hope it passes for us soon! Can't wait for the update on Friday's appt!


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