So Tired!

I'm exhausted this evening! I've been working from the time I get home through at least 10:00pm the last three nights in a row to try to make up for missing last Friday and this Monday at work - plus we have a huge time consuming project going on right now that is going to involve several more late nights to get it together. But why am I sitting her with my eyes drooping heavily and my mind foggy and unclear? Because Kenneth IMed me earlier at work when I was in the production room away from my desk and said he might be on again about 2 hours ago my time... so I sit here... waiting, hoping... scared to miss him again if I turn the computer off and go to bed. I'm half tempted to leave the computer on and sleep out here on the couch.

I'm listening to Josh Groban radio on Pandora - I LOVE Pandora!! It isn't helping the sleepy mood though, I could conk out pretty easily right about now.

It's only been a couple days now since Kenneth left, but I think it just feels like more than that because he's so far away now, and so hard to get ahold of and I know full well that is only going to go downhill (communication) very soon.

I went to the unit today and filled out paperwork to become a Family Readiness Advisor and am excited about getting more active with the family members and being a contact and support for others who might be experiencing their first deployment. I keep flashing back to Kenneth's first deployment so many years ago (over 6 years ago!!) and I experienced such a broad range of emotions and experiences. The first vivid memory I have is of laying, sobbing, on my couch with Fox News on for the first week or so - then I shut the news off and had to leave it off after that point. I couldn't torture myself like that. The other very vivid memories I have are of the wife of Kenneth's C.O. - she was FANTASTIC and organized numerous events for all the spouse's to get together to make care packages, and then towards the end we cleaned out the barracks and made care packages for the single Marines. It was really special and I appreciate her very much.

Well as I was finishing this post my wonderfully far away hubby logged in and I am chatting with him! Hooray and thank God for beautiful miracles and technology. :)


  1. I know what it's like to wait for that IM or call, I always kept my cell phone on when my brother was in Iraq.


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