Roller Coaster Ride!

That is what my emotions have been taking me on lately. I am ovulating right about now (yes, too much information, but hey - its a blog largely dedicated to such things!) :) In any event, with the lovely hormone shift comes the lovely mood shifts, factoring in Kenneth's deployment (1 week down as of yesterday, woo hoo!) and Kent falling apart at jiu jitsu last night and I was a mess by the evening!! I was mean, and I hate when I get like that and get snippy with Kent... but man, he was pushing it last night. He wasn't feeling 100% when I picked him up, but he tends to be on the dramatic side and normally I baby him and give him some medicine or whatever but last night we had to go straight to jiu jitsu since he's already going to miss Saturday's class. I didn't want him missing 2 of 3 classes this week, so I told him we had to go and that he just needed to tough out the class and we'd go home and he could rest.

He cried and whined and fussed almost the whole way through class! I was getting SO irritated. I know this may sound harsh or like I was being mean to him - but I know Kent, he works himself up about things and makes them a MUCH bigger deal then they are. He made himself feel worse by focusing so much on it and telling himself how bad he felt. I was getting really, really aggravated with him. Within 5 minutes of leaving class all of a sudden he "felt much better"...! ARGHHH!!! I didn't even want to say anything to him I was so upset, so I tried to just be quiet and chill out. Between hormones and worry for Kenneth and Kent's actions I was just done!

I fixed his dinner and got him to bed, then I ate a huge frosted brownie, felt guilty about it, and then just vegged for awhile, reading New Moon and playing some on the computer. I knew in my head I was being irrational and overreacting, but it really doesn't help that much.

I'm hoping I'm at the peak of the hormones and that my sanity is on its way back today. :) Aside from feeling pretty tired from staying up too late too many nights in a row I'm feeling ok today.

I had a brief e-mail from Kenneth this morning letting me know where they were and that brought me a huge smile to start my day with.

Kent and I are going to work on a count down to Kenneth's return poster tonight I think. I have so many things to do around the house, but it makes me feel better to see the days, weeks and months left so we can start ticking them off, one day at a time. We have 2 big events on Saturday and my mom arrives Sunday evening so I have a lot of straightening up and cleaning to fit in between now and then too. Thankfully the house isn't in bad shape or anything, but there's always lots of little things to put away and straighten up, dusting to do, etc. But then I get a whole WEEK off next week, and I get to spend it with my mom and Kent so its all worth it and I'm so looking forward to having that time with them, lazy mornings and quiet evenings together. :) I can't wait to fix our own little Thanksgiving dinner for just the 3 of us, it'll be fun!


  1. My 10 year old sounds just like your son. He got super mad when his sister called him bi-polar one day, but it's so true. He's just so dramatic. Your post sounds just like my kid!

  2. My daughter is the same way; she drowns herself in a glass of water.

  3. Ha ha!! Love it - drowns herself in a glass of water, I'm going to have to use that in the near future! :D Well, I am glad I'm not alone in dealing with the drama - thank God for the good moments, and the fact that he's cute and still hugs me and tells me he loves me...! :D


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