Settling back into our routine!

Kent and I are adjusting again to the routine we were used to before Kenneth's visit home... it's amazing how changing things up for 2 weeks can throw things off completely for awhile!

Things are still on hold until January as far as I'm aware with the surrogacy plans, so I probably won't hear much from my IPs until next month or January. They were looking into some other possibilities, so I'm just waiting to hear what they've decided on - whether its a new path or sticking with the one we're on and starting back up next year.

We're still working out the details, but I should be able to visit with Kenneth again this weekend one last time, we're not sure if they're going to let them come to Atlanta, or if I will need to head to Alabama - we're supposed to know more today. I of course hope they're coming to Atlanta as that simplifies things for me and we might even be able to go to the Marine Corps Ball on Saturday if he's here. :)

Tonight I need to finish giving the old refrigerator that got moved down to the basement to be the "extra sodas" type fridge a good cleanout and then I can move the extra drinks we keep in the basement into that and have one more item crossed off my to-do list. I also need to get the Halloween decorations taken down and put away. I don't really want to put the cute strawbale with our pumpkins and pooh-bear decorations away, but, sigh, I suppose I must. Less than a month 'til it'll be time to unleash the red and green! Yikes!!

Kent's birthday party is coming up, 2 weeks from Saturday - he wanted a laser tag party at Sparkles so that's what we're doing this year. I'm not sure how many of his friends are going to be able to come - hopefully a few will show up so he'll have someone who can keep up with him! It's always been more difficult to get a good attendance at his parties since we try to hold them close to the actual birth date and that is always so close to Thanksgiving! I have to get a cake ordered for him, hopefully we can do that this weekend together if Kenneth is in town and I'm not in AL.

I have been running errands a lot in the evenings on the way home from work and I really don't like to do that - it makes what is usually already a long day seem even longer but it can't be helped a lot of times. I still try to do what I can on the weekends so it doesn't pile up too much. This afternoon I need to stop at the farmer's market for tomatoes and the library. I've been listening to a TON of audiobooks in my car - it is SUCH a great way to pass the time! I really enjoy all the books I've been able to "read" that way. I still often spend a good hour each night reading at home before bed too, after I catch up on a show or two from the DVR! :)

This afternoon seems to be passing quietly - I guess I should dive back into a project to help the next couple hours go quicker so I can head home! For dinner we're making paninis and heating some leftover soup for dinner so at least I already know that part will be quick and easy! Paninis are one of my favorite things to make, easy and versatile and great for a cold evening.


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