It's good to laugh

Kenneth and I video chatted for awhile this evening, and the first part of our conversation was filling out the "in case of death" paperwork - listing what preferences I have for notification, family notification, our children, animals, vehicles, etc... it is good to retain your sense of humor at times like this. What else can I do? So we teased and laughed through filling out the form. He put down to have one of his Marine buddies that I have had the chance to get to know throughout the years as the person who should notify me and he was saying how that particular person hates getting in dress blues, which he'd have to wear - a final revenge (ha ha)! Paperwork like that is just one of those necessary evils. I am glad it's filled out, and done, and we can enjoy a little more time with him in the states where we can still video chat and "see" each other! Video chat is fantastic. I keep hoping maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to make it work a couple times while he's gone. We'll see!!

I didn't get the fridge cleaned or the decorations put away, but I spent time with Kent and got a couple other projects started. There's always tomorrow, right? :)


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