Good News At Last - (I Hope, I Hope)!!

Today was my CD23 u/s, I started progesterone on CD 20, so today was day four of injectables and suppositories... ohhh my rear end is sore, but it is all SOO worth it to hear the words "NO FLUID" when the tech was doing my u/s today!!! I was SO excited I think I was wiggling all over the table! My heart was racing! The only potentially questionable issue is that my lining decreased from a 9mm to a 6mm in those few days, but normally they don't do an u/s once progesterone has begun so this may be normal, or they may decide I need to up my estrace or something like that. I'm hoping it's all good news, and that the biggie is NO FLUID!

I fired off an e-mail to my coordinator this morning and she responded and said she'll try to get with Dr. Choe today - I need to get copies of the u/s films to them which hopefully won't be a problem.

As I type this, I'm sitting at my chair with my heating pad behind me, it's the only thing that keeps me from stiffening up too much, and I'm only on day FOUR of injectables! It worries me a little about how much pain I'll be in after 8-9 weeks of shots, but it is all SO worth it, and I can't wait to end these meds, get my period and start again aiming for September! If I can stop meds in the next couple days, I'm guessing we'll be aiming for a September 4-6 transfer date. I can't help but wonder if we'd just gone ahead and started progesterone back in July instead of canceling if I wouldn't already be prego!! Oh well, I believe things happen for a reason, and I sure will appreciate this cycle and pregnancy that much more. I just don't want to keep my IPs waiting forever. I'm SO grateful for their support and patience throughout this turbulence, it would be so easy for them to walk away, but they haven't, and I believe that they won't because we all know it will happen when the timing is right... I am praying, praying, praying that will be September!

My SMO friend Becky who's also going through Fran and Cooper just got her BFP!! I am SOO excited for her! So many of the wonderful ladies on SMO have gotten pregnant lately, and a LOT of them are pregnant with twins! I think it must be contagious, or maybe it's all those positive vibes and well wishes from so many amazing people.

I hope I'll have more firm information by the end of the week about "what's next"!


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