3 More Days on Meds

I spoke to Fran late on Friday (I kept bugging her because I was very anxious to find out if I had to stick myself on Saturday morning or not)! She had a busy day at Cooper but managed to get back to me, thankfully! Dr. Choe decided I will stay on 2 progesterone vaginal suppositories and 1 estrace tablet for 12 days total, so through Thursday the 17th then stop all meds and wait for a period. Then we will begin all over again with CD2 blood and ultrasound and the new meds protocol. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll get a calendar from Fran, and my new meds. We're guestimating my period will start 4-5 days after stopping meds, which puts us around September 12th for transfer (since I usually take a couple extra days on estrogen to get my lining thick enough). I'm PRAYING I respond better to the patches and injectable estrogen.

It's good to have a game plan and an estimated time line. There will just be a couple more days of getting through the end of this cycle, and then we'll start again for REAL! I can't WAIT!! :)


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