CD19 Update

I've been on 6 estrace tablets Thurs/Fri after my callback with a re-check today - my lining was up to a 9mm, with a tri pattern (though barely visible through all the fluid), my e2 levels were over 1800!! Yikes!

Let me go back and talk about this morning's drama though. Because of the issues with getting Cooper the pattern of my lining from Wednesday's u/s, I didn't actually get to talk to anyone or get instructions until Thursday evening which is when they sent the order to RBA to a fax number I found online. I called and left a message for my RBA contact on Friday and never heard back, and unfortunately didn't have as much time as I'd hoped to follow up with work being so crazy. So, this morning I was worried that Istill hadn't had a call, and I knew if I didn't get in today we'd be postponed til Monday and that's just getting too far into my cycle! So, I called the answering service, gave them my story, and got called back from a nurse at Cooper (they're there 7-10 on Saturday), that was a little after 8am. I tried to call Fran but (as I found out later) she was on a very important call and couldn't pick up the other line, and no one was at Cooper yet. So, I got in my car at about 8:45 and had to make it to RBA by 9:30 and still hadn't heard from anyone about whether or not I would be able to get an order there or even be seen! I got there a little after 9:30, and still no order and no word from Fran, they agreed to see me (since I knew which blood tests I needed). They did the u/s and took my blood and it was about 9:50 at that time. I called Cooper and THANK GOODNESS someone answered and were able to send an order right on over while I waited to make sure it was received (so they knew where to send my results). Then I got my callback around 2:30, so all is well! I'm a little nervous about starting injectables tomorrow morning, but ready to get that over and see how things look in a few more days.

So, that's my update for the moment, we'll see what happens NEXT week! :)


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